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Just have to share this........

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I have cut down our meals to only two a day breakfast and dinner with a snack in the afternoon. I have been losing weight for a lot of reasons, one being I am back in training with my horse and that takes a lot of energy, and two I am drinking tons of water.....BUT my hubby who really is overweight (but I love all of him anyway) just had to put 6 more holes in his leather belt! Whoo Hoo! He has been diagnosed with diabetes but doesn't take the insulin just the pills. The doctor told me if I can get him to drop 100 pounds he will probably lose the disease. I am sure tryin!
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Congrats!! Losing weight can be tough so give yourself a pat on the back!

Drinking a lot of water really helps out. I find I get hungry when I'm bored so instead of eating I drink a glass of water and the hunger pains go away.

I hope you'll be able to help your husband. It's always so hard to get someone else to lose weight or eat right. I've been trying for the longest time to get Brian to eat better. It's a tough job but progress is comming.

Diabetes is a scary diease. My grandmother has had it for many years and she was overweight. She never took good care of herself though and she had to have a couple toes amputated. I hope your husband will do a better job at taking care of himself than my grandmother has. I'm sure with you behind him, he will. Good luck to the both of you and keep up the great work!!
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great news!
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You go, girl! I have been trying to talk myself into doing the same thing. My sweetie could use it,too. Both my parents died from diabetic complications, and I feel like an idiot for letting myself get in this condition. You should be proud of yourself for taking the initiative and doing something about it. You seem like a very determined person, and I have no doubt that you can do this. Good Luck!
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He is not the best patient. He does not understand the severity of the disease (because it does not make him feel sick!) Go figure! I got tired of cleaning out his truck and finding candy wrappers stashed everywhere. In the past I have tried many tactics including having his kids gang up on him, and making an appt for a funeral director to come to the house and discuss burial options. May sound harsh, but having worked in hospitals for as many years and I did, I know what diabetes can do to someone. Across this chart at the doctor's office in bold letters is NON-COMPLIANT PATIENT! I felt I had to do something!
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Well good for you for trying!!
Im making a lame attempt to lose weight too - I started going to the gym a while back, I think I pushed a little too hard last time cos BOY am I aching today!! :LOL:
I also drink a ton of water everyday - have done for ages, I haven't lost any weight yet - guess I must retain it!!! WAAAAAAAH!!
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Loosing weight can be difficult, especially when you aren't the one trying to loose weight. Hubby is trying to loose weight and he is...slowly but surely. We try not to eat fast food alot, but we just can't help ourselves. Its so quick and easy. I have been trying to cook dinner alomost everynight, but its hard to think of alot of different meals to cook. And I have to diet along with hubby because that keeps him motivated or else he goes back to eating crap.
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Sarah, I know what you mean about the fast food. Brian and I used to eat out EVERY night. Not only was it not healthy but it got to be expensive. So we started going food shopping every week and planning dinners but after a while we've run out of ideas. I know there's a billion recipes out there but we need something that's quick and easy.

I also find if I don't make him dinner he won't eat. He'll just drink beer then eat a bunch of cookies before he goes to bed.
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It is called "Make your own Groceries" and it is a real money-saver. I am able to set aside one weekend, and prepare food for the month so when I am getting ready for class, all he has to do is go to the freezer and pick out his meal of choice. The recipes in the book range from breads, and cookies to meals, instant breakfast, snacks, there is a chapter on pet foods, health aids, the woman who wrote this is truly amazing. It eats up one weekend a month to do this, but in the long run is far worth it because it saves time in the long run and money and is nutritrious.
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I'll have to keep an eye out for that book, Hissy. Sounds like it would be a big help. Thanks!!
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If I told you the author's name. Daphne Hartwig. I found the book on half.com (love that site) for $8.00 it sells in the stores for $25.00
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