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spending time with pup

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The next few days are going to be tough -- I won't be home this evening until practically midnight and tomorrow night not at all as my dad is ill and I will be spending the night at my parents. My husband will be able to feed the cats and dog and let them into the back garden, but the dog is still too nervous for him take her out for her walks or to play with. the little time I will be spending at home, even if it's for a half hour or so, should I make a fuss over her, or would it be better to play it cool and only give her a little attention?
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I would treat her normally. If you have time take her for a stroll to release some energy. Just make sure she gets some exercise in, so she's not super hyper. I hope your Dad gets well soon.

I see you live in the Carribean ( I know I spelled that wrong) can you post some pics? We are in the dead of winter here in the midwest(USA) and everything is soo drab. I could really use some Island beauty
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I agree with chichismom. Don't make her think it's a big deal that you're going to be scarce for a few days. But definitely try to fit some exercise in while you're home. Also, don't be to hard on yourself for having to leave her. This could actually work out well for your husband and the pup. If he plays his cards right and makes the dog feel comfortable, the puppy could bond a little more to him in your absence. I found this to be the case with a very sketchy kitten and one of my old roommates - Lola was terrified of anyone but me, but when I was gone for a week before christmas '04, she was alone in the house (other than her brother, Sam) with Cynthia and Lola warmed to her considerably. She even started to cuddle up with Cynthia. I can only assume the same is possible for your puppy and husband, if all goes well....I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
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Sounds like your pup has a little separation anxiety brewing in her. I agree with the others, don't exaggerate that feeling by fussing over her when you are home. She needs to feel comfortable without you.

I hope things go well for you over the next few days!
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How'd it go???
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