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Diffrences between men/women posting?

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I've been a member of several boards and this board being the nicest. Some people when coming here are floored about how nice everyone is and sometimes uncomfortable with it. On some sites, disagreement is the norm and sometimes encouraged. To me it seems (hate to be stereo-typical, but) macho or manly for disagreements.

Why do you think this site is so different from others? Certainly the mod staff is a good part of it - but the membeship is another big chunk.

I think it is part that we are cat lovers and that we are mostly women. Sorry guys, but IMHO you can be less "feel good" and less likely to think before you hit submit.... even though we all are guilty of that at times when passions are high.
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This is the nicest board I've been on too. I don't know if its a male/female thing though. I do believe that us all being cat-people has a lot to do with it. We may disagree about current events, but when it comes to our kitties, we will advise, cry and pray for each other. Of course, so much of the membership being who we are is because the mods do such an excellent job at keeping the trolls out.
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I personally think it is because of the people running the forum and the rules they have set up which insist on respect to all members. The quality of the mods (not necessarily including myself here) are excellent and they keep order here.

If one wants to stay and be part of this community they must abide by the rules and I think this is what separates this site from others.
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I've always believed that if you love animals as much as all of us can't help but to be a kinder nicer person because of it!
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I can't answer your poll, Tracey, because I can't narrow it down to only one thing. I do think that the common bond of the love for our cats and cats in general is a part of it.

I think that the tone that Anne set for this board at the outset - that the mission is cat welfare and education toward the goal of cat welfare - is a very important part of it. This allows the CATS to take the center stage, and there isn't a member here who can't love another cat.

I do think that because of that tone, the people who decide to stay are of a particular ilk. If you're the type who loves to argue (not debate, but fight), you won't be here for long. You won't be happy here because flaming and slamming and flat out fighting isn't tolerated.

I don't know that it's a man vs. woman thing. Men tend to be more up front in their fighting (i.e. flaming), but women can be even more nasty and vicious. Women just do it with sacasm, biting comments (that may only be understood by the one it's directed at), and more behind-the-scenes nastiness. I don't think that happens a lot here, but I know it does happen occassionally.
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Couldn't have said it better, Heidi.
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i dont think its the female male thing..i belong to one horse board that is primarily women..and holy cow..its nothing but a fight all the time
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
I've always believed that if you love animals as much as all of us can't help but to be a kinder nicer person because of it!
I believe the same thing and could not have said it better.

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People who like animals are much better at expressing their emotions!
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Hmmm...actually this is the first and only board I go to. I don't have time for more than this board, I'm on here constantly! It is a very nice board, and if we get a little passionate about animal welfare, it might come off as gruff or power tripping, but really we just want to get our points across, for the good of the animal. I would HOPE that most people would recognize a strongly stated post for being what it is meant to be, advice given for the good of the animal that the OP is posting about, not trying to scare off the OP or offend them.

AND recognize a joking post as just joking. I think I can safely say that most of us think of the others on this board as friends, and that's what friends do, they rib each other in good fun. Hopefully we all have a sense of humor and can dish it right back if someone teases.

Now, about the men on this board, I have never had any problems or found any of their remarks to be offensive. I find all the men here to be quite sweet in fact, and yep, I do think it stems from them having animals and probably more compassion than say a man that had no pets.

HOWEVER, on a side note, (if I may?) I know Ryan didn't have a cat when he first came here, and he seemed like he fit in right away from what I've seen from reading back posts, with compassion and everything. He had a love for cats and that's something we all have in common, I think we all feel kinship and acceptance towards each other for that reason.

I would like more men on the board, I like the diversity it brings.
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
I've always believed that if you love animals as much as all of us can't help but to be a kinder nicer person because of it!

Well put
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I think it's because we all love & appreciate the finest, most independent, most graceful & beautiful animal on earth. Cats! So therefore we're all tied together by that. Male or female.

Although I will say, having a cat means, you yourself are independent, graceful, beautiful & accepting. Lots of us here have rescues or cast-offs, so I think there's a huge amount of big hearts here. And a man who loves cats is so much easier to talk to than a man who hates them.

My daughter said, "did you know Egyptians worshipped cats?". I said, "Yes, but can't you see why?"

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I don't think it really has anything to do with the fact that there are more woman on here than men. There are a number of factors. One, we are animal lovers, especially with our cats. I have never met a person that loves animals that I have not gotten along with. I think people who really love animals are a different breed of human especially since we love cats. The mods due a wonderful job at keeping TCS a nice play to be as well. I belong to another forum, an all exotic cat forum and it is just as nice as TCS. I have never done a pole there, but there are the same amount of men as there are woman on that site. There seems to be more men who own exotic cats and it is not a macho thing either. I have a male friend who owns a Tiger, 2 Cougars and a Lynx and you should hear him baby talk to his big cats Sounds just like me
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TCS is the only non-Finnish board I write on, so cultural factors may and very likely do influence my experience.

To me TCS seems generally speaking a bit friendlier than my other boards, where people are sometimes very quick to snap at ignorant newbies or deliberate trolls. My Finnish boards are relatively friendly too though, probably because they are theme boards like TCS, rather than general boards, so everyone there shares at least one interest.

What is differend about TCS is to way people here know each other, most Finns don's share their everyday personal life quite so eagerly, though there are plenty of those too who do. TCS has a village athmosphere.

Oh, the sex factor isn't important, in my experience men and women are just as mean or nice
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Thanks for everyone's thought. I was having a discussion with a real life person (I know who are those!?) and this debate came up. My thoughts were it was because we are cat/animal lovers - and animal lovers tend to be a different "breed" unto themselves.
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
I've always believed that if you love animals as much as all of us can't help but to be a kinder nicer person because of it!
Absolutely. If you are capable of sustaining a caring relationship with one or more cats, it does reflect on your social skills, because cats expect so much of us, and will not tolerate insensitivity. A cat will let you know in no uncertain terms if he or she disapproves of your behavior, and I think this makes us more aware of ourselves. Besides, nothing I know squelches hostility like a purring cat in your lap!
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I think it helps that we are all united with a common love for beautiful cats.

But the way the site is run makes a big difference in how we behave, IMO. Of course, I'm not saying if we didn't have the great mods/admin etc we'd be any different on here, I just think that the less nice element of potential posters is eliminated because they are not given the time of day here. Where you are not welcome, you tend not to visit. The staff here tend to filter out the bad and so the cream just rises to the top!!

I am on a fantasty and science fiction forum where I saw a jaw-dropping post by a newbie the other day. This guy seriously ripped into someone else on the site - got SO nasty and SO personal - just because they happened to like an author he didn't. I was staggered at this person's rudeness and never thought anyone would ever post anything like that. A very public, bold-font rebuke was attached to his post by one of the mods, with a very public `first strike' warning, which I thought was good. But here that post would have just been deleted in its entirety. That is a big part of the reason this site is nicer, I think.
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I think that its the fact that animal lovers tend to be kinder people and the way tcs is run aviods many problems I have come across on the many boards I've been a member. In those forum the members tend to bash and flame each other with little to no regulation by the mods (in fact they sometimes join in) or they are complete fasicts that shout at you and lock threads if you asked a question that has already been answered before.
However, I don't think its a male/female thing most of the time I can't tell the gender of the poster.
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