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CAT PEOPLE - What do you think of this?

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Read about what this person wrote about "CAT PEOPLE"

The writer has the right to whatever he/she believes about Cat People, but I think this is a RUDE representation of what truly Cat People are. :
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I skimmed about half of it. It's stupid. I'm not that way, and I can tell you everyone fawns over my kitties. Just had about 5 guys in their mid-twenties over here oohing and awwwing and playing with my cats for the whole time they were here. Ignore people like that, it's only meant to rile people up and get a reaction.
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Sounds like someone has nothing better to do with THEIR time but to write a column about why they hate people who love their cats.

**shrugs** Everyone is entitled to their own opinon but you won't see me write an article about how much I hate farret people.
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Stupid ferret people.
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He sounds like quite the cynic to me. Appears he also hates kids and loves ferrets. I have to laugh when he talks about the stink of a litterbox, having had both cats, ferrets and dogs at the same time, ferrets can get extremely odorferous.

I have read articles along this line before, and this one is actually quite tame compared to some. I just usually feel sorry for the author because he (and it usually is a male) has never understood how special cats really are. It is my belief that he has been jilted in the past and either replaced by a cat, or booted out of the girl's life because he tormented her cat. Either way, it is nothing to get worked up about. Just another male trying to make his voice heard in the big wide world of the Net.
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Well, a lot of stereotypes have some root in the truth so there are probably cat owners out there who fit this description. But, I'm sure there are owners of dogs, ferrets, birds, etc. who fit the description too!

I guess the author was trying to rally ferret owners with this attempt at humor .

Also, I agree with Hissy about the smell of ferrets...having played with a ferret on a memorable 5 hour bus ride (don't ask), I can say ferret urine is pretty gross. Besides, as long as the cat uses the litter box, I never smell urine in my own place or anyone else's who has a kitty. But, I'm preaching to the choir, right .

Happy Sunday
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Let's face it, all cat people are different because all people are different. Besides, it's been my experience that dog people are more ditzy when it comes to dogs than cat people are when it comes to their cats.

I post on another board that is for people to talk about all their pets. The dog posts outnumber the cat posts by about 5 to 1 on a typical day. Not only that, there are many people who have more cats than dogs, or have an equal number of each, but almost never post a cat message and post frequently in the dog threads. But even more than that, there are a handful of board faithfuls that don't even own dogs that still post exclusively to the dog threads and completely ignore the cat threads.

And walk into any pet store and see how many aisles are devoted to dog toys, dog accessories, even dog food, and see how many aisles are devoted to cats. In most stores it's at least twice as many dog aisles than cat aisles. When you take into consideration that there are more cat owners than dog owners in America, then you really see how silly dog owners can be when it comes to their dogs.

I'll bet that guy was dumped by a girl who loved her cats more than him, and now he's sore, bitter, and trying to lump all cat owners into one type to be derided.
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Originally posted by hissy
It is my belief that he has been jilted in the past
Originally posted by ME
I'll bet that guy was dumped by a girl who loved her cats more than him
Oops! Sorry, hissy, I somehow missed that in my first perusal! Just goes to show great minds think alike!
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Nice to know I HAVE a great mind! LOL

no harm, no foul......
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You know I've seen the weirdest of the weird when it comes to pet owners and I can honestly say it dosen't matter the pet, it's the person.

We have a few strange cat owners who come into work who, after having a conversation with them you can't help but shake your head. Example: There's a guy in town who rides his bike everywhere and perched on his shoulder is his cat. He refers to his cat as his wife and throws his cat in the ocean and lets it swim back to him. This is his idea of fun.

Then there's the dog owners who are just as far out. One lady tells me her dog cries. No I don't mean whine I mean cries. When Coal is sad, she says, she gets tears in her eyes and cries.

Then there's the lady who lets her Dachsund ride around in her bra. She proceeded to show me this.

Don't forget the woman who changes her voice and talks to the vet and staff from her dog's point of view.

Rabbit owners can be just as bad. There's a couple who comes into work who own 5 bunnies. They left one of the males to be neutered and when they came to pick him up they entered the clinic yelling, "Baby, Poppa and momma are here to pick you up! Where's my baby?" Once the rabbit was brought out to them they cooed and cuddled him and the woman put him in her shirt.

I guess my point to all my rambling is no matter what people own if they love them they're going to fuss over them and be silly. How silly they get depends on the person. I'll be the first to admit I get silly with my furries, both the dogs and cats but what fun is having pets if you can let yourself go with them?

I admit there's framed photos of our pets around the house, in fact I have a framed photo over the tv of my two dogs with santa claus. I spend a good bit on toys, treats and various other things to make my babies happy. My dogs have their own backpacks, seatbelts, portable water bowls, 50 different collars along with a tag for each of them and the lazy susan is filled with snacks for them. They also have their own toy box filled with toys.

Not to mention they all get birthday presents. So what? I love my pets!
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I know of a lady who will not go outside unless her cat "says" it is okay! And no, she is not senile, nor is she an animal communicator. She just sits there and talks to Bitty and asks Bitty if it is "Okway fowr mommy wommy to go outside now?" I admit to being over the top for my animals, but not that far! *G*
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What a freak!
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i think he's bitter because maybe his ex girlfriend or someone loved their cat more than they did him! :laughing:
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I just think... "ah well.... his loss" obviously he doesn't know too many people if he thinks you can group everyone who likes cats together like that..... sad.... maybe he misses his life...maybe its only his ferrets that'll talk to him.... awww..... :LOL:
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Bitter, bitter man. Apparently his major problem is with 12 year old girls. I don't know anyone who has cat posters up on their walls except young girls.

I know that we do get silly with our cats, but I've seen the same kind of behaviour with dogs, rabbits, and yes even ferrets. This guy obviously needed to vent some, ahem, frustration.
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How strange...I guess this guy had nothing better to do with his anger at a cat lover. I love my kitties to death and I don't care what anyone else thinks.
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There are a lot of cat-hating men in the world it seemss:

Just what the world needs - another Tiddles

Euan Ferguson
Sunday February 17, 2002
The Observer

Why clone a cat? Why clone a stupid cat? Why not just get another one? Or stuff the first one full of woodchip and old nylons, or bits of other cat, and drag it behind you with its silly feet nailed to a little wooden trolley, preferably one with broken wheels that let out mournful little squeaks every so often, just to make the whole experience more gothically depressing and drive you ever closer to the high balcony and the open window?

The most worrying thing about last week's news that a cat has been cloned by an American company seemed, at first, to be the name. You can see the cynical thinking behind calling it Genetic Savings & Clone, with its matey punning and sepia-cardiganned Jimmy Stewart feel, but, still, you just know that the man behind it, 81-year-old John Sperling, will be an evil wheelchaired genius possessed of some bizarre bodily accessory, like a gloved nose, and backed by a blond whey-eyed henchman who spends his time making scientists' deaths look like needlessly complex accidents - being hit on the head by a gargoyle while swimming off Land's End and the like - and will be played in the film by Charles Dance or Christopher Walken, depending on budget.

But more worrying was the triumphalist feel of the announcement, as if we, any of us, at all, in any way actually wanted cloned cats. Dolly the sheep was exciting. The first cloned human will be exciting, especially if it's Charlotte Rampling. And think of all the exciting animals in the world it would be fun to clone, even if only to save them from extinction - wolves, dugongs, narwhals, that brilliant little puppy thing with the huge teeth and tiny blue wings who sidles up and makes snuffling noises whenever you drink absinthe. But cats? Cloned cats? How can you tell?

Not quite sure why I hate them so much. I thought it was simply that they were unremittingly cold and snotty to me, but then I realised they were also like that, all the time, to their owners. They don't recognise their owners. They don't love their owners. They take food off their owners, and sneer at them, and spray their curtains with pee, and at night they lie on the faces of babies and steal their breath until the babies die (I think someone said), and I'm sure if I added that they also gathered round laughing with their smirking cat-faces and bloodstained paws to plot 11 September, the FBI would soon be on the case.

But it's not just the cats, it's the people who love the cats, the people giving squillions to Mr Glove-nose to clone their stinky-bottomed furballs.

People who love cats don't love people. A cat is what you have instead of friends, or fun, or an affair; a cat is what a certain type of single gal - yet not, importantly, Bridget Jones, for she was too smart and shambolic, too alive, to have a cat - uses as an emotional mirror when she comes home from her venal marketing job: and for some reason it seems to help to whisper 'Didn't spin so well today, Mimsy Frostovich', or wonder openly why she doesn't yet have a boyfriend, to a small, black, arrogant, retreating arse.

Get rid of the cats, girls! We'll never love you because of them! Get a dog!
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Gee, looks like yet another man who was dumped for the superior creature (obviously the cat) with much, er, um, frustration.

And very misinformed, too. The company that funded the whole cloning thing actually wanted a dog but the DNA was too complex. The scientists who did clone the cat want to use this technology to save endangered species. CC (Copy Cat) was a step to that end.
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Originally posted by Spooky
I love my kitties to death and I don't care what anyone else thinks.
me too! I got upset at first when I stumbled on that article link... but I don't really care. I know the truth about us cat people and that all that matters to me.

Thanks everyone for your responses
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THe writer is either bitter, or he is deliberately trying to get people angry. Either way, he has no life. You kind of have to feel sorry for someone who can get so worked up over a sweet creature like the cat. I wonder how he deals with real crises in life.

Do you think he is obsessed with his ferrets?
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Originally posted by bren.1
You kind of have to feel sorry for someone who can get so worked up over a sweet creature like the cat.
And even if he doesn't think they're sweet - and I realize there are some people out there who don't yet aren't so vitriolic about it - what's the purpose of all that spew?

If you don't like cats, ingore them.

Originally written by Euan Ferguson
and at night they lie on the faces of babies and steal their breath until the babies die
And I never trust anyone who has to make up "facts" to get people on his side - it usually means they don't have a case to start with.
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and at night they lie on the faces of babies and steal their breath until the babies die
Little useless trivia for ya...that superstition started in the same period when cats were thought to be witches. Mothers would catch cats in the crib with the baby who had milk breath! The kitty was usually just smelling baby's breath, but if anything happened to the baby, like SIDS which they didn't understand at that time, they would blame the cat instead of poor hygene, contagious diseases, etc.
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