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Happy Anniversary!!!

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It's been almost a year (on Jan. 29) since I adopted Peter, but because I'll be out of town then, we're celebrating a little early!

I had no plans to adopt another cat when I started volunteering with a small TNR/rescue group in the fall of 2004, but when I began to help socialize a litter of feral kittens, I was immediately drawn to the most timid of the bunch - a little gray and white guy with huge, expressive eyes that hissed, cringed when you reached for him, then ran to hide behind his mother. The little guy and his sister, a beautiful solid white little girl, were the last to get adopted. They went to a home right before Xmas, but were returned two weeks later when they reportedly returned to their feral behavior. The adopters said the male kitten was "vicious."

I had some serious doubts about adopting him myself (especially how my two older girls would react), but as I held the traumatized little guy and looked into those eyes, I knew he was meant to be mine.
A few weeks later, Peter came home. From that frightened kitten, he's grown into an incredibly sweet, cuddly and playful boy. Now, I can't imagine life without him.

Here's a couple of my favorite pictures of Peter:

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Happy birthday Dear PETER! ....I love you too!....
And Wish you so many years next to Eileen! ..

PS: IMO dear Eileen I love his expression on your nicely Siggy! ...is my favourite pose from him!
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Happy Anniversary, Peter!! I hope you and your meow-mie have many, many more happy, healthy years together!! You're such a cutie!!
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Happy Anniversary handsome Peter!
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Happy anniversary Peter! You are a beautiful boy and a lucky one to have such a great mummy!
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Thanks everyone. I'm so lucky to have this sweet boy in my life (and his sister too, of course!)
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Happy Anniversary Peter!
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