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What is the furriest room in your house?

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I just finished cleaning my dining room and I think I vacuumed up a few pounds of cat hair. The dining room is always the worst. Her window perch is in there and she drags a lot of her toys in there to play.

What's the furriest room in your house?
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The living room, especially the big captain's chair that Reilly loves to sleep in. I could use a whole lint roller on it and it would still be covered.
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Living room
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Living room. Especially the mushroom chair and blue blanket
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The guest bedroom where their bed is because down stairs is all wood floors and my suites leather so it's so easy to keep hair at bay
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Definitely the living room. For some reason, they're really drawn to the burgundy colored chair that shows all the white cat hair.
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living room
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My bedroom. In just a couple of days my carpet turns from blue to black.
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Originally Posted by dicknleah
My bedroom.
....I mean our Principal Room ( Gema & I ) BECAUSE his loyal majesty doesn´t like to sleep alone!
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ALL the rooms!!! They're everywhere!!!
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The living room
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I'd have to say the living room too, but from my dog! I'm very lucky in that my cats don't seem to shed at all! but that vacuum sure does get full quick....
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Kitchen/dining room. We've got tile floors and you can really see the cat hair tumbleweeds pile up. I'm sure every other room is just as furry, but with the carpet we just don't see it so much.
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The living room - he doesn't shed that much so its not that noticeable - but he lays on the couch the most so thats where all the hair ends up! - espeically since our coach is about the same color as his fur!
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Considering we live in a "studio" apartment and dont have any rooms its easy to just say every room.

As for what item in the place, it's def. the bean bag chair thats off limits to all humans unless Devin has found another place to nap/watch over things. It's a navy blue & hides the fur so well so sitter be aware; you never know what you'll take home. I want to vacum it but I'm afraid of the reaction, I put it away in the closet for a day when I did after chritmas cleaning and got nothing but mean looks and the cold shoulder, his dinner was eaten a good 30 minutes from when I left the kitchen.
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The living room it seems to be the hub to every room.
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Yeah - Living Room....and of course - ME!!
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Im with lots of others....the living room. Specifically, the one end of the couch....And Niles is the hariest cat I have ever known. I vaccum/lint brush so often its ridiculous....(admittedly, im a little obsessive about it...I hate all his white and grey hairs standing out on my dark green couch!)
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Usually the bedroom.... although the living room is a close second.
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Katie has her own room, so it would be her room and the dinning room; she loves to sleep on the dinning table chairs.
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I our apartment I would have to say the kitchen/dining room but the living is a close second.
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I don't think we have a furriest room. Most of the fur is on us.... and the bed
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I don't think I have a furriest room, but I have unfurry ones!! They are my downstairs loo and vesibule, as my kits don't get to spend enogh time in there to furry it up!

You should see the blanket of fur on my navy blue bedroom curtains though - on the path to the window ledge!!
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Family Room. Paws down, the furriest room.

That's the room where I keep the Zoom Groom (hey that rhymed).

Snickers gets his nightly brushings in there; the carpet's beige, he's black.

Barney sorta lives in the Family Room; he sheds, too!

There are days though when I come home & it looks like the cats had a shedding contest. There are bits of fur in all of the rooms. I think they are playing or play-fighting or something, but I get images of them going room to room, shedding, and seeing who can shed the most.

Nothing a vacuum can't handle, though!
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Livingroom. Our carpet was NOT grey when we bough it, and our vacuum sucks (but not in a good way. I have to hand-clean it with lint rollers.
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I would have to say my dining room too Karen! Mittens and Watson love to lay in there with the sun on them because I open the blinds during the day and once it hits 72 the ac comes on. Plus Mittens has his scratching post in there too I have to swiffer atleast every other day or a new cat will appear
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The cat room. Currently only Benja is in there, so it's easy to keep clean since he's penned - and there's a spot in the hallway where Lonestar and Elmo like to snooze at night.
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The bedroom! And I'm allergic to cats! We have to vacuum the whole upstairs every day or it becomes just unbearable. I've taken to draping throw-blankets over the back of every cushy chair and the couch. For some reason they don't sleep on the chair or the couch - just the backs of them. And washing the throw blankets each week is SO MUCH LESS TIME CONSUMING than trying to vacuum the hair off of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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