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Mitzi and Sampson's adventure

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Well I had written in the behavior forum about taking the cats outside on a harness so with everyone's advice I got a harness and brought Mitzi and Sampson outside for the first time.

First Mitzi went out, I picked her up and walked her outside and set her on the deck. She has been outside in the past because she's snuck out but in her old age she's pretty much stopped bolting for the door. Anyway after a minute of looking around she lead me down the steps and hung out on the grass.

After 5 minutes I brought her inside and put the harness on Sampson. I set him out on the deck but he was a little more nervous since he hasn't been outside before. I picked him up and set him on the lawn and he LOVED it. He rolled around in the grass and his little nose turned bright red. He was fasinated by our fish pond. I thought he was going to jump in after them.

So everything went smoothy with them and hopefully it will go fine with Xavier and Fallon. Thanks for the advice!!
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Glad it went well! When I lived in the city the only way my cats went outdoors was on a harness. Wasn't much grass in a concrete jungle, but she always managed to find some anyway!
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Happy ending! Glad it went well for all.
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Glad the cats took well to the harness. Whenever I put a harness on Gui (just when we travel), he walks around for about 20 minutes thinking that he's been struck by some horrible affliction that partially immobilizes him . I've seen other cats just lay down as soon as a harness was put on them - no walking there.
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