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Teeth Whitening

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Has anyone used any teeth whitening products??
Specifically any from a dentists office??
Thats one thing I have been contemplating getting done as I have my semi annual dentist exam on Thursday. One of the joys of aging!! I notice all the really white teeth on TV programs.
Thanks for any input.
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My mom uses crest white strip premium, she used to smoke and her teeth are really white. you couldnt tell she was a smoker!
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I know I about crapped when I asked my dentist how much it would be. I purchased a kit with trays, etc. It does work the problem is I don't remember to do it and by the time I do remember it's too late to start it because you can't eat/drink for so 3-4 hours. I need to make myself put the whitening stuff in before bedtime. I have heard that the strips make a difference too , but never purchased them.
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the prices for tooth whitening are horrendous here (my total dental bill in Denmark is standing at 12,500DKK atm - 2,057 USD). I use a whitening toothpaste that does nothing, so I would also be glad of some good suggestions. I've heard that the whitening strips are hopeless though...

By the way Chris, I love the siggy, that REALLY made me laugh!!
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I have tried the trays, and my teeth and gums were too sensitive.
I think that was around $150 wasted.

Later on I did the laser whitening and it worked awesome!
It was about $300 or $350, but my teeth look so white now.
After that I bought a sonicare toothbrush and it helps maintain and it has even whitened them a little more.

The trays do work for some. I even know some people that the store bought stuff works for. Everyone is just different, so you may need to experiment.
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I used the custom trays from the dentist a few years ago and got really good results, although my teeth were in good shape to begin with.

It cost around $350, but the kit came with enough of the whitening product to last for at least three years. I wore the trays at night and found it somewhat hard to sleep with all that plastic in my mouth. I had some gum irritation too, but nothing serious. I do a touch-up with the trays every so often, at least when I remember, and I also use a whitening toothpaste.

I've heard that you get the best results when whiteners are applied evenly to the whole surface of the tooth. I think this is one of the drawbacks of the Whitestrips, because it's hard to apply them evenly. With the trays, you tend to get better coverage, so to speak, but they're not foolproof either if you don't use enough of the whitener or don't spread it evenly enough.

Bottom line is that I found the trays worked well for me. I think you're smart to do your research before spending the time and money - good luck!
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I'm curious if in the long run the whitening will damage the tooth enamel. For some reason I have that in my head and am afraid to try it. My teeth are already on the sensitive side.
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I used the colgate tooth whitening stuff, i had a talk to my dentist about it and she said, literally the only thing that works is the dentist bleaching your teeth. And to drink less caffeine, or to brush your teeth after drinking caffeine.
It doesnt really matter on the product, the problem is your spit.
(i know this sounds gross) But some people have brown spit and others have white spit (there is something in your saliva and you dont see that the spit is brown either). Certain people Have brown spit and are more prone to get tatar and duller teeth.
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I used to work for dentist so i had fringe benefits. I never realized how yellow my teeth were until i looked at pictures AFTER i had my teeth whitened. I did the bleach and trays for 2 weeks. My teeth became sensitive so after each bleach i'd pour this flouride treatment (in a tube, available from dentist) into the trays for 10 minutes and it REALLY eased the sensitivity.

Unfortunatly, i dont work there anymore so i dont get free tubes of bleach so i tried the crest strips and OUCH! My teeth hurt after 3 days. Now, I use the paint on stuff at night (night effects i think) and i use the whitening listerine before each brushing...and i use whitening colgate toothpaste. Honestly i thought the whitening listerine was crock of BS until i tried it!!!

After you reach the shade you prefer be sure to brush after drinking dark sodas, teas and coffee. The longer you let it sit there on your teeth, the more the stain sits in. Also, another tip is that after you bleach (whether it be OTC or pro.) dont eat or drink anything red, dark etc. for at least 2 hrs - it will cling to your teeth. I learned the hard way. I bleached one morning before work and ate strawberrys when i got to work and you could see exactly where i bit into it!

Good luck!

P.S. If your worried about your teeth getting senstive, tell your dentist - there is stuff to help that problem! The only reason your gums will get sensitive is if your using too much will irritate your gums.
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I used Crest Whitestrips Premium, and was very very pleased with the results. I don't like the look of the pure white teeth that people seem to go for, it seems unnatural. But I did have yellowed teeth from years of coffee drinking, and couldn't wear the pretty lipstick colours I liked.

I did notice a difference within 3 days, and after the entire course of treatments (10 days), was extremely happy. I had no effects on my gums, or with sensitive teeth. And I had people comment on how nice I looked - thought I looked younger, they couldn't tell what made the difference.

I had tried some of the other products, like whitening toothpaste, or the stuff you brush on, and none of them worked as well for me as the whitestrips.
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I've used the strips. I heard somewhere that they work better for "younger" teeth and that older people don't see as many results.

Perhaps that's why they didn't work???
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I just got impressions done on friday to get custom trays. I got my trays today to do whitening from the dentist office. The gel is called Nite White. I am in the process of getting veeners on my two front teeth. I have to whiten first.
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I used the brush on stuff that you put on at night. I hated it. The next morning you have this funky film on your teeth and have to brush it off, and it all sticks to the toothbrush...ugh. I know someone who had the whitening done by his dentist, and he loved it, it looked good too. It was about $300.
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I know I should whiten my teeth... heavy heavy tea drinker but I am so sesitive that I am scared to try anything
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I have never had it done at the dentist office. I have used the paint on stuff and saw little if any difference. A month or so ago, I came across a toothpaste at the drugstore called Plus White for smokers and coffee drinkers.
After two or three days I could tell a big difference. I am still using it two times a day and people have noticed my teeth. It has caused no sensitivity in my teeth or gums. I called my dentist and asked if it was safe to use and they said yes. I am sold on this toothpaste. I didn't want to spend $300 to get them done.
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Well I chatted with my dentist about it. He only charges $175!!! He isn't a really fancydentist office like my last one-he keeps prices reasonable. But if anyone has bridges or crown they of course will not bleach whiter. One of the dental hygenist said for the sensitive gums/teeth to use ACT flouride(?) rinse after bleaching. So I think I will do this!!
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