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at wits end please help!

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I have a five month old kitten that will randomly pee on my bed! She's done this since I got her at 6 weeks old, sometimes she'll go 2-3 weeks without doing it and other times she'll do it 2-3 times a day! And it's only my bed covers. I started out with a feather comforter so I thought that maybe it was just the feathers and changed it out with a cotton one but she still does it. Sometimes I'll catch her getting ready to go on it and i'll run real quick to get her into her box (which i moved into my room so it's near by the bed) but she'll just jump out of it then wait a minute and go straight for the bed again. This whole thing is just driving me crazy and I can't seem to figure out how to fix it.

also I wonder if it may have anything to do with her being spayed at 6weeks? (which to me was just way to young but the vet said it wasn't)
-oh, and she's also a strictly indoor cat, incase that matters.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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make sure you get the comforter really clean and the urine enzymes out. they can smell really well so use a product specially made for cat urine.
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Maybe the litter's hard on her paws, have you tried a different kind? Is the box kept really clean? Have you tried having 2 boxes (one for pee and the other... for the other)? A lot of cats won't do both in the same place.
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Has she been to the vet to check for a bladder infection?
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If she peed on the quilt and now the blankets, did you treat the mattress with an enzyme cleaner? One of the problems with peeing outside of the box is that once they go somplace, unless you completely eliminate the smell (to their sensitive noses), it remains a place to go to the bathroom as far as they're concerned. Blankets AND mattress need to be treated with an enzyme cleaner.

Because you have to soak the area of the mattress that may have been affected, place a thick (or folded over) towel over the area you treated and then put on your already cleaned (add enzyme cleaner to your wash in place of bleach) mattress pad, sheets and blankets.

We had a problem with a cat that began peeing outside the box, and the bed was one of the places she'd go. We retrained her by cutting three boxes down the side so they could lay out flat, and every morning we'd make the bed and then cover it with the cardboard boxes. We'd take them off before we got in bed. We did this for two weeks. In combo with enzyme-based cleaner treatment, this worked for us.

The thing to remember is that when kitty doesn't use the litterbox, the first thing that should be done is get kitty to a vet. 85% of the time they don't use the litterbox because of a health problem.

The early spay is not the cause of this.

If it is not a health problem, then it could be one of many things. I agree with trying different litters. And instead of just changing the litter, perhaps consider purchasing several more litterboxes and trying different litters in them. It could also be the location of the litterbox.

And if it's a covered litterbox, consider removing the cover. If it's an uncovered litterbox, consider adding a litterbox with a cover. It could be one of so many things - the litter, the type of box, the location of the box. It's easiest on you to purchase a couple of new litterboxes of different types and try putting different types of litter in each, and put them in other locations, and see if that helps.

You can try putting the litterbox on top of the cardboard on the bed. Do that for two days. Then put it down on the floor at the end of the bed, or to one side of the bed. Leave it there for two or three days. If she's using it, then move it half-way to the bedroom door. Do that for a few days. Then move it out the bedroom door, etc. Slowly move it to where it "lives." This is a method of retraining her to associate going pee with the litterbox, but it starts by placing the box where she's been going to the bathroom.

Also, one of the reasons cats pee outside of the box is anxiety. Especially if it's on your bed. This way her smell mixes with yours and an anxious cat can find that reassuring. If it turns out it's not a health problem, the litter, the box, the placement, and "retraining" doesn't work, then perhaps consider consulting with a cat behaviorist to help determine the potential source of anxiety.
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Was she declawed also when you spayed her? sometimes the litter hurts their little paws and they don't always like to go in the litterbox anymore.
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Since she will go for weeks without doing it I would think that means it is stress-related. Have there been any major changes in your life recently?

Also, I had the same problem with my Bootsie. Putting a litter box in the closet really helped because it is a low traffic area. That and I kept her in the bathroom for about a week while retraining her, only letting her out when I could watch her. And finally, you need a cleaner that will remove the bacteria and the pheromones they secrete. The only one that worked for me (and I haven't had any problems since) is:

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