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Skittish to snuggler!

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If anyone remembers, Kismet was a shelter rescue kitten and I was concerned awhile back that she's so skittish!! Well, recently, she's become a lap cat if i ever saw one! She used to take off if you blinked suddenly. Now, as soon as I sit down, she comes running to sit on my lap.She absolutely looooooooves to be pet.

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That's great!!, she came around after all!
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Awwww i love hearing things like this
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Fantastic! What a pretty little face she has too Tosca used to be the same - admittedly she's not as snuggly as your little bundle of fluff, but it's so rewarding to see the changein them! She definitely got a good place to be with you!!
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Aww, the ultimate reward for all your efforts!
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Yay, what great news!
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Good for you! Isn't that a great feeling? Timmy is slowly but surely doing the same thing, and I couldn't be happier!!
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it is a great feeling isnt it
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Aww...that's fabulous! The day you realized that she was a lap kitty in disguise must have been a happy day!
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Like most cats, she knows cat people when she sees 'em! You should be pleased with yourself. You've earned the affection of a cat who may have had reason to not be so trusting, and that speaks highly of your character.
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Awww that's great
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oooh thats great!
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