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Stinky butt !

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Ok, I've finally had enough with Freya's smelly rear end ! She's long haired (not very clean either when it comes to washing herself), and when she lifts her tail up...... ...

Quite frankly she is really stinky. On closer examination she has no clingy on bits or "stuff" stuck to her rear. It's just not nice at all. I may be chastised for this but last night I actually dunked her entire rear end in luke-warm water as a "Mmhm - you're messy now - clean your butt" exercise, but she just wandered over to her food bowl after giving herself a couple of half-hearted licks.

Her brother is fastidiously clean to the point of being obsessive, but she is just the total opposite... muddy paws, dirty nose and stinky butt ! I wouldn't mind but I brush / comb / groom her every day.

She's not ill, but it's just where she doesn't "you know" after she's............... oh you get the message.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - please.....
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Perhaps you can get the vet to give her a shave around the area. I have a semi-longhair and get this done for her. Also, baby wipes are invaluable in this circumstance.
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It's possible that her anal glands are full and leaking. I would take her to the vet and ask them to check and possible express them. Anal glands produce very foul smelling fluid, so that may be the cause of the smell since there isn't any excess gunk on her rear.
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Merlin's rear end used to STINK to high heavens!! He'd sit on my chest, put his front paws up over my shoulder and nuzzle my neck for an hour or two and take a nap...well afterwards, I'd have to change my shirt because it stunk so badly! It was only once in a while, though. Not everyday. He was just neutered yesterday so I'm hoping that should cut back on the stinkiness.

Anyway-- do you think the fur is just too long back there and she thinks she can't reach the skin? I agree with the babywipes...they work wonders!! Keep us posted!
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