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Help - Spooky wont go out

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Hello everyone

I've recently taken over the care of a cat (Spooky) from a friend. He is an outdoor cat who was very active and stayed outside all night but at his old house a new cat moved into the neighbourhood and proceeded to bully and fight with Spooky, he became quite ill and thats why I have inherited him.

I have been keeping spooky in so far although he is obviously bored and is awake most of the night crying to go out (he is not interested in playing any games believe me I've tried). He often goes to stand at the patio doors in the dining room and starts crying. Last weekend we decided to let him go outside for a little while, but as soon as we open the outside door he runs away and hides upstairs. I even tried carrying him downstairs and just showing him outside (I only made it to the door before he escaped and ran back upstairs.) We tried just leaving the door open so he could go out by himself but all to no avaail (other that all of our freezing to death.) Does anyone have any ideas of how to entice him outside - I'm sure once he's taken that step he will be fine.

Please help - I need sleep
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For safety would you rather not keep Spooky inside?!

The thing is cats usually come awake at night so this is probably why he's wanting out then
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I wouldn't push him to go outside if he doesn't want to go....Spooky might be scared to be outside after having been bullied by another cat in his old neighborhood. Personally, I prefer that my cat stay inside. It is MUCH safer there for her. You could purchase an outside enclosure for Spooky. Let him spend time outside in the enclosure in the evenings before you go to bed. He might feel safer being inside the enclosure instead of out in the open, but he still has the enjoyment of being in the outdoors. Try playing with him using interactive toys such as a wand with a feather & bell attached to the end, Da Bird is a popular toy around here, or Dori likes to play with her Cat Dancer. Anything that will entice him to run and play. This way he might wear himself out and sleep while you are. A little warmed up wet food might help him sleep as well.
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Hi and Welcome to TCS! I hope you'll introduce yourself and Spooky in the New Cats on The Block forum and stick around! I look forward to getting to know you in the other forums!

Do you go outside with him? Maybe if you sat in the garden with him, he might stay there for a while? (I don't mean all night, obviously! )

If he doesn't want to go outside when he gets there, then I would let him adjust slowly! It must be a pretty big shock for him to have moved house and been bullied by the new cat!

Would it be a possibility to keep him as an indoor cat? Maybe even harness and lead train him?
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I see no reason to make him go outside if he doesn't want to.
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He will continue to think he wants out though if he's not neutered, but if you get it done, then he'll not only be happy to be inside, but will be quiet about it (though it can take a few wks). I'm always happy when my cats don't want to go out, and they don't get run over, lost, poisoned, shot at, etc. etc.
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If he doesn't want to go out. Then in my opinion thats for the best. I would keep him inside only. Too many dangers outside for a cat. Hes safer inside. Ifs hes that scared more then likely if he does go out. He would probably be hard to get him back.
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