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Potential problem?

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A sort of litter question here......

My two kittens are very good when it comes to using their litter tray but recently, I've noticed that once Cinders has covered her poop and has got out of the tray, she occasionally continues to mimic the covering action on the floor - and not necessarily anywhere near the litter. It could be in the kitchen or the hall. At first, I thought it was because she could still smell the poo or she had some stuck to her legs or something but when I've checked her, she's been clean. I've noticed that she also mimics the covering her mess action when she is either in the shower or bathtub

I've caught Bella pouncing on Cinders whilst she has been in the litter tray a couple of times and now I keep a watch to make sure that Cinders can go in peace. She doesn't do this very often but I am curious as to why it is happening. Does anyone have any ideas?
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Tibby does this too! They do this to cover their scent.

You're doing a good job checking that Bella isn't pouncing on Cinders while she's using the tray, as it could put her off using it.

But I don't think you have anything to worry about with the covering motion!
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Sophies been known to interupt Rosie on the litter tray as well

And when Rosies had a poop she hardly ever covers it, but when she steps off she scrapes her paws against the wall.

I always wondered if it was to get any bits of litter or dust from them?!.
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