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sad in Minneapolis

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I'm new here and desperately seeking advice.

I have to move. I don't think I can take my kitties with me.

I got mugged and beaten up pretty badly in my neighborhood in October, have been looking for a safer place since then and this is the first time I've been able to find anything. No one else will rent to me because of issues from my past. The place is perfect...except that they have a mandatory eviction policy if you even bring cats onto the property as visitors. First offense.

I don't have a problem sneaking cats in principle, but I'm really afraid I would get caught, and that policy is really harsh and scary.

I love my cats so much, though! I've had the two of them from babyhood (they're almost a year old now, and very sweet), and this situation breaks my heart. I graduate from college in a year and will be moving out of state. I would like to take them with me then, but I don't know how I can do that. Either way, I don't want to give them to the pound or put them in any kind of danger at all.

Is there such thing as long-term foster care that I can use? Does anyone have any advice for me? What can I do?
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Hi shygirl, welcome to TCS.

I'm so sorry you find yourself in this difficult situation. I'm in Australia, so don't have very good knowledge of what's available to you but I'm sure other members will be able to give you some help.
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I guess you have tried it but is there no relative or friend who could take them just for hte few months till you leave college? My mother took my cat Cinders when I cam abroad, and, I have to say, still has her 4 years later!
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http://www.peoplewithpets.com/ great place to find PET FRIENDLY rentals

I am from MN as well. PM me..and I will see what I can do to help.
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I also live in Minneapolis.
I'm in a vet tech program, and I'm sure I could try to help find someone willing to foster if you are interested.
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