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Going to the vet..EVERYONE!

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Wish me luck! In the morning, I am taking EVERYONE except CoCo to the vets office. CoCo's kittens, Rosie and Midnight go for their initial check-up and shots. (The other 3 kittens are at a new foster home, and will also see the vet this week.) And Blue and Jasmine (previously known as Red) go for final shots, and their spay surgeries. And Garfield and Festus just need their annual check-up.

So that is 6 cats going to the vet! I already have Jasmine and Blue in large carriers, because that is the only way I could think of to keep them NPO (nothing by mouth) after midnight. And to be sure I could have Jasmine caught...she is still kind of shy.

Of course I will worry tomorrow about Jasmine and Blue as they have surgery. Also, that the vet can safely get Jasmine out of the carrier and sedated...And that the girls sleep ok tonight, since they are scared to be locked in carriers. I did put them in dd's bedroom where they usually sleep.

As you may have read on the feral board, Blue did get adopted. She will go to her forever home Saturday. And Sugartoes is already at her new adoptive home, and fitting in extremely well.
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You are a braver woman than I! Good luck tomorrow!

And, I'm so very happy that the new home is working out with Sugartoes. Will you have an update on Blue when she goes to her new forever home? I hope it all goes well!
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Good luck with the vet visit!
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Good luck! Hope everyone does well!
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Good luck to you and the furbabies!
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Thanks, all. Well, I am back home now, with the babies Rosie and Midnight, and also Garfield and Festus. Blue and Jasmine remain there. They weighed just over 4 pounds, and will be home later today after their spay surgeries. Jasmine was very docile, and let us weigh her on the scale. I did warn them that she is quiet when held, but if she gets away, she will be very hard to catch.

Poor Rosie cried when they drew blood and gave her the shots. She was a bit of a stinker, trying to fight them. (She looks so innocent...but has the heart of a tiger!) Everyone else did just fine, and even Rosie is fine now.

I'll try not to worry too much about Blue and Jazz, poor girls. What a day for them!
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Blue and Jasmine are home safely. They look very skinny, but are doing just fine. I have already seen Blue use the litterbox. Now we just have to recuperate for a few days, and all will be well.
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I'm glad to hear everything went well!
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Beckiboo, you deserve a medal at the very least. So glad all went well.
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