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I miss my kitties!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Some of you may have noticed I have not been on the boards as much lately. I recieved some bad news last tuesday, long story short, I complained about the noise someone the managers like was making, and now they have found some unfounded reason to evict me. They decided that my freshly changed litter boxes stunk, and it was a health hazard. After many sleepless nights, and multiple talks with a lawyer, I am moving. My new place wants me, and is more than willing to let me bring my cats! I move in Feb. first.

My lawyer said that since they are citing the cat boxes as the smell remove them and if they are still trying to remove me then it means something else (I understand it but it all gets very technical.) It just boils down to I had to take my babies to my parents house and I miss them so much. It is too quiet here.

It is helping me get motivated to pack and get out quicker so that I can be with my babies again.
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Aw, I hope you get settled quickly.
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awww that would be the hardest thing to go through...Good Luck with your move, and atleast you're getting your babies back!
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Just horrible. I am so sorry for you and your kitties!
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That's ! You have EVERY right to complain if someone is doing something wrong. If there is someone over the manager of the complex, then go to them and explain the situation. That is so stupid. Being a landlord of a house next door to me I understand how hard it is to have good tenants in your building and I listen to any complaint they may have and then both Brad and I try our best to resolve it. We don't try and get rid of someone if they complain. that's not legal, nor is it right in any way.
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yeah, I have found out that everything they are doing is illegal. They are just trying mostly to use scare tactics on me, and when I didnt scare they went and got lawyers. I could understand if I didnt pay rent, but they take it out of my bank account every month (they require you to pay here by bank draft). So by that account, I have never been late, and have always paid.

Its a blessing in disguise. These people dont want me or my babies here, and I dont want to be in some place that doesnt want us here. They would just keep trying to find things to write me up for. Its not worth it. My cats and I will be much happier in our new place.

Gabby is fitting in at my parents house like a peach. She is happy just as long as someone is fawning over her. CJ is more confused and he hides all the time. Mom said he wont come out except to eat. I am going to try to run over there tomorrow or Wed. to love on them and give them kisses. I knew CJ would take it hard. He had a hard start on life, and I am the only one he really trusts.

He knew something was wrong because he had been following me around, not letting me out of his sight, sleeping in my arms like a teddy bear, even following me into the shower with water on. He is one in a million, and my best friend. I miss him
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I had noticed you haven't been around... Well, think of it this way -- at least you have a new apartment that allows your kitties, and will likely be much more peaceful for you. I know how it is even being a few days away from your furry babies, and it's difficult. You'll pull through. Good luck.
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I hope everything goes well for you. Maybe you can sue them for breach of contract or something. slumlords like that give good landlords like us a bad name. good luck in your new apartment, the sooner you're out of that one, the better it sounds like.
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Thats so bad! But you're right why stay somewhere they don't want you. You'll be much happier at your new place and its good you managed to find somewhere so fast. I bet you miss your babies terribly but you'll be with them next week. Good luck with it all
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I hope you and the cat babies will like the new place. Count your blessings and go forward. You will be better off.
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That's terrible to hear but I am so glad that you have a is disgusting what they are doing to you! of luck though with your move.
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That's really apalling the way they're treating you. You will be so much better off in your new place without having to worry about what they're going to do next.
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What they are doing to you is so NOT right! I can just imagine what you are going through...but you are probably better off somewhere were both you and your kitties are excepted. Ignorant (sp?) people really bug me

Best of luck with the move!
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Febuary is not too far away!!
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Thats a shame about the poor mgmt at your current residence but you found a new and better place that will be home next week.
Way back when we were renting (only 1 cat) the landlady evicted us because her daughter was moving back to town and wanted the place for her. We found a new place and were ready to move and then she changed her mind!!
She did this again a few months later buy that time we were looking for houses to buy and did buy one but she wouldn't let us live there for the extra month we needed to close on the house!!! We ended up storing all our stuff in in-laws garage where DH lived for the next month I spent that month at one of my friends house during the week and the cat went to mom and dads.
So I can sympathize on your plight!!
As for packing if its not too far perhaps you could enlist a few people to help and not pack everything neat in boxes but load in paper bags and put your stuff in the back seats and trucks of cars. Use any suitcases too.
Good luck on the move and settle it quickly so you can hae more time to enjoy TCS.
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Well I went to see my babies last night. Gabby was cute and lovey, and really did not look any worse for wear.

CJ on the other hand, looked terrible. He looked skinny, mom said he hides and only comes out for food and to use the potty. When I got there he stuck right by me purring and loving and kissing. I stayed for about two hours. When I left he was doing much better. Poor little guy missed me, I nearly cried when he ran out and head bumped me! I am sure he thinks I abandoned him. I wanted to bring him back so bad! Only 2 more days. Gotta keep telling myself that. two more days.
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