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So feeling kinda crappy now.....

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My neighbor, who has become a GREAT friend the past year or so, came over and gave us a belated Christmas present. We didn't think of getting her anything because we didn't think we were getting each other anything since she was going to be in Philly and we were going to be in Altoona for Christmas. Well, after she left, we opened the card and giftcards. The card was really sweet and when we got to the giftcards, she had gotten us a $50 giftcard for Buehler's grocery store and $50 for the Olive Garden!!!! She had spent $100 on us! We never got her anything because of what we had ASSUMED. I know that was really stupid of me not to get her anything to begin with but now I feel even worse!!!! I want to get her something nice now but KNOW I cannot afford a $100 present. I feel like such a HORRIBLE person And I don't even know what to say to her now.....
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been there and done that, on both sides of the issue. Its sooooooooooooooooo awkward. What I have done when I recieved an unexpected gift, is not reciprocate right away because it would look contrived. But the next Holiday time, you can get them something you feel is nice and affordable to you. With gifts it truly is the thought that counts, so dont overextend. If you really feel bad, and want to do something now, maybe take your friend out for a nice lunch somewhere, and tell her "Thanks!" face to face. The times that I have bought a gift but did not get one, was fine. I never felt cheated. I got the gift for my friend because I wanted too.
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Oh, that's a hard one. I have to tell my friends not to buy me anything when I'm broke, and they usually say the same thing back. But in your case...here, I'll just try and make you feel better....MAYBE she got the gift cards as a gift from someone else, and then RE-gifted them to you? Did it work? Do you feel better?
I wish I knew something real advicey to tell you...
Does she have a S/O? Maybe get them something for Valentine's Day, a romantic dinner or something? Maybe plan something for them, that won't cost as much, but has a lot of thought, like a scavenger hunt leading to your place for a nice dinner, made from the groceries you bought with the gift certs, and make it really romantic, then while they're over at your house, DH or you (well, yeah, probably you'd be better at this) go over and decorate their house or bedroom and make it all cozy for the two of them?
Wow, I'm on a roll!
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WHy not buy something that you can all share? Tell her that it is with her gift. Whether a restaurant meal or a visit out, or something to eat/do at home, then it shows thoughtfulness and will be fun and bonding as well.
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Excellent idea, Jenny!!

Maybe you could even use your vouchers to get the things for a BBQ and invite her?!
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or take her to the olive garden with you!
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With the grocery gift cert-does this store sell wine??? Flowers?? Buy a bottle of sparkling wine and perhaps bake a nice dessert and a nice bouquet of flowers??
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