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Mucous plug passed?

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Hi. A few nights ago, my cat left a watery discharge on our bathroom sick. One spot was clear, and the othre spot was a pinkinsh color. I was told that it sounded like her mucous plug had passed. She has been meowing at me until I pet her to her hearts content. She has been laying on my husband and sleeping at night when he gets home. She has been eating, drinking and sleeping as usual. She is still having clear discharge coming out of her.
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Do you have a nesting box set up for her? It sounds like she may be getting close.
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Hi Hiatus, welcome to TCS.

I agree with Gaye, it does sound like her mucous plug has passed or it will do very soon. The wanting to be very close to you and your hubby and wanting to be petted is also a sign that delivery will most likely occur in the next day or two.
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We have her nesting box next to our bed. She's been sleeping on top of it for a while now instead of in it. Earlier she came out into the livingroom, hunched her back a teeny bit and looked forward for a few seconds like she was lost. I thought maybe she was starting labor but nothing else has happened.
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She may have been experiencing an early contraction. Keep a close eye on her as it sounds like she may have kittens within the next 12 hours or so, if not sooner.
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If she is a first-time mother, she may also confuse the feeling of the contractions with the need to visit her litter box. If she is going in and out of the box with an abnormal frequency, keep a close eye on her and on the box.
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Yes, I agree. It may even be best to empty the box of litter and just put shredded paper in the bottom so that if she accidently delivers in the litter box, the kitten isn't in danger.
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I'll have my husband do it tonight. Nothing new yet. Hopefully soon though. I'm getting excited!
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ooohhhhh how exciting looking forward to updates

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Any news?
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This is an exciting time ... waiting for kittens and getting to finally meet them is quite an experience. Lexus likes to be on my lap, stretched out long when she is late-term pregnant and I watch the kittens as they move about in her belly. I love to watch their little personalities from day one ... there is always a "screamer" in every litter - the one who yells the loudest and the most frequently. *grin* That one always tickles me. And they will hiss at you the first several days too! Kittens are born both blind and deaf - they associate everything through scent and feel. So, when something other than their mother gets close, they hiss!
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They've been hiding up in her ribs lately. So every now and then I'll feel a bump if I feel in the right place, and then it'll hurry away. For a while they were hanging out on her left side, so when she walked a huge lump would sway. It's hilarioua. She hardly let's me touch her. She's getting vicious! It's quite scary cause she'll freak out and bite my hand softly..or sometimes scratch my hand all to crap. lol. Nothing new yet. I'm hoping everythings okay.
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How is it going? I hope by now if no kittens have appeared you have at least contacted a vet to be sure everything is okay.
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