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Paper Bag Sliding......Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

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If this hadn't happened to me and Ginger, I'd be hard-pressed to believe it.

The other day, my wife placed a large paper bag she'd gotten at the grocery store on the wooden floor in our breakfast room for Ginger to play with. We didn't pay any attention to her except to watch her examine it and bat at it. Then she crouched down and got into it.

I don't know why but I got up and grasped the bag by the opening edge and slid it and Ginger across the floor. I mean, I let it go so it and Ginger were sliding freely. It only went maybe 3 or 4' and I thought she'd be a little 'skeered' but no, she peeked her head out and looked at me and then ducked back inside.

Well, hmmmm; lets try that again! She slid a little further this time after I swung the bag around in the opposite direction. Yep, she loved it! She stayed inside that time and I slid her again. Peeked out at me and ducked back in again so I held onto the bag and moved her to the slicker, vinyl floor in the kitchen and sent her on her way again, faster and further.

We did it again tonight with a new bag as the first one got a little torn and worn. She absolutely loves that sliding sensation and will get in the bag on her own and look at me until I grab it again and send her for a RIDE!!

Now I'm not recommending this for anyone but................it's fun for her and for us. Cheap thrills right!

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Sounds like fun! I do that with my cat Wiggies. He's obsessed with plastic bags and always jumps inside them. So sometimes I give him rides on the carpet. He loves it too!
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That sounds great!!!

You need a video camera and then you could win yourself some good money on a Funniest Home Videos show!!!
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Yeah, I had a cat that loved to slide around on the floor in a bag or in a blanket. It was great fun. I think if a cat didn't like that, they would simply run away.
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