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Our daily thread - Sunday March 18

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Hi everyone!

I've spent the whole day (it's evening over here) updating the site. I've added new Easter cat cards. I really enjoy making e-cards, but they can take such a long time to make!

I've also updated the weekly poll and the headlines and added a review of a new product called The Deli Dome Deluxe. It's not cheap but it sounds very promising, so check that out as well (if you do decide to buy it, please do it from this site!!!).

One word of warning about the kitty headlines. The first article is shocking and very very hard to read so beware! I decided to include it as everyone said we should bring up stories of cat abuse and this one asks us all to try and make a difference by writing to people. It's about cats in China that are being used as food and are being totally abused until their poor lives end in the pot!!

Meowman, I hope your baby gets well soon and comes back to you. Don't be too harsh on yourself - we all know how much you love your babies! Let it be a lesson to all of us to be patient when our kitties misbehave.

Congrats on the new house Deb!

Rene, that stomping sounds so awful! Some people are so sick! I've heard about stomping but I thought they used insects and mice (which doesn't make it much better ), but kittens and puppies! I wish someone would stomp those people on their heads!!! See how they like it!

Last, but not least, welcome Gayle! I suggest you post your question in the behavior forum where it would get more attention... We're all here to try and help each other, but we try to keep things in order Welcome!
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Thanks, Anne, and good morning all.

A cloudy dull day here in Florida, which isn't doing too much to motivate me. I just finished work on a very loooong take-home exam for my Finance class. I only hope that the professor finds the reading of it as grueling as the writing of it was.

Looking around current house and trying to imagine packing it all in boxes. The horror of moving is setting in. Yuk.

Pleasant day to all, especially Chuck. Try and relax.
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Thanks, Anne, for the adorable Easter Cards. I sent one to each of my nieces. I never knew what the heading Post Cards meant til now. I told you all I am slow to catch on. I love them. Thanks again for all your hard work, Anne. For Meow Man; so relieved to hear that Tiger will be okay. I know how truly scary a late nite trip to the vet can be and so many times I have written post-dated or even rubber checks to get them to begin treatment for one of my kids. God Bless you and the two boys. I know Sochrates knows something is wrong too, will we ever really know how much our cats mean to eachother ? Threeleggedkat
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This is a lovely relaxing Sunday for me here in Iowa....the sun is shining...and the kids have been out building a snowman, and I am just relaxing and checking out the posts I missed last night. Hope everyone is having a great day!!!!
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Good afternoon, Everyone!!
The weather in Arizona is nice today... around 80, I think? I hope you all have a nice remaining weekend. I go back to work tonight after having 2 lovely, wonderful weeks off from work (company we work for is doing absolutely horrible, so they forced their employees to use 80 hrs. of vacation!!) Oh well..... I will be glad once it is Wednesday and I have 4 days off from work (I work 12 hr. nights, and it will be my 4 days off-week!!)

One thing that makes me sad, is that when my hubby and I go back to work tonight, Gizmo will have to stay in the bedroom all night long by himself! He enjoys being out in the house with us!! I have plenty of toys for him. I wish I could get him a little buddy to play with to keep him company!! But, it's out of the question. Tell me I shouldn't have to feel guily leaving him!

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Well, today was a nice relaxing day in CT. I wont say the weather was perfect,but at least the sun was shining. We went to the pet store and of course got more than we went for. I decided we needed some food in the house, so the grocery store was a minor inconvenience..hehe. I can however say that I got 2 movies and watched them in full. I didnt even answer the phone. We watched The Kid and Cyote Ugly. They were both very good movies!! Now I am getting ready to head to bed and (UGH) work tomorrow!!
Tigger, of course we all feel bad leaving the babies. I went home to CA for 3 weeks last July and I missed the cats more than hubby. I am sure Gizmo will understand!!
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Sandie...we watched The Kid on pay per view this weekend also...I really liked it!
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