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Would TCS Members please read?

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In reference to this thread here

I just received six of these book from the author. If you would like to get one of these books (and only pay for shipping) please PM me. There is a condition to this. You must promise to loan this book out to at least 5 other people in your area.

If you can do this, and you want a book, send me a PM and I will start sending them out. I wish I had more, but the first 6 to respond will get the book-
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Sadly, it wouldn't do much good here.
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It may here, so many animals are left un neutered it seems as if the Spanish have a problem with neutering male animals.

The feral cat problem is huge, a few volunteers capture and neutur a lot but with the number of fatalities I see on the road everyday it makes little impact.

The expat population can be as bad, they do not get there dogs or cats neutred or spayed if they do not get them from SARA the animal resucue, because they have to pay for spaying etc.. there are no charities available to help those low income with the exception of SARA who do an amazing job with little funds and no national assistance.

Many dogs end up at the killing station in Famara and that is heartbreaking, some are pedigree dogs. SARA visit occaisionally and collect dogs they think they can rehome.

I wish I could b do more maybe a copy of the book here in Lanzarote may help spread the word about spaying & neutering.
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I was in Lanzarote 3 years ago and saw some gorgeous ferel cats and kittens

I fed quite a few as well
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Wow, how kind of you to share with the TCS family! If those books can each head off 5 litters, it would help so much!!!
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Ok all the books are now spoken for. Those who pm'd me and have not gotten word that the book has shipped. You need to send me your address.
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One book will be helping to spread the word here in Australia.
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