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Need Discipline Tips

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I have two cats. My cat named Peachey seems to have been born knowing exactly all the things a good pet cat should do. You'd think he was telepathic and could read my mind.

My OTHER cat Isabel was born absolutely clueless. The only thing these two cats have in common is that neither one scratches or bites.

Now, obviously I'd like your discipline tips for Isabel. She leaps on the furniture and counters. She pulls papers out of my garbage beside my computer desk and shreds them then scatters them around. Now she has taken to jumping on my other cat. Peachey is at least twice her size and despite the fact he could easily teach her a lesson he doesn't as he knows I'd be upset at that behavior.

So... what do you suggest I do to discipline her? She seems unaffected by anything I do and I try hard to catch her RIGHT after she's done the deed. A swat doesn't bother her at all, neither does getting squirted. At the moment what I do is catch her and put her in the carrier till she calms down.
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You could make a shaker can, another great method that works for every cat in my household except Mitzi. It startles the cat when it's doing something wrong like getting into the trash and after a while the cat realizes that everytime it engages in the activity the loud scary noise comes. A shaker can can easily be made with an empty can and a couple coins. Although Mitzi is immune to it and looks at me like what's that supposed to do?

Or if she likes paper, get some scrap paper and roll them into balls and let her play. If she has a lot of energy get some interactive toys and let her go wild. If you have time, tucker her out yourself. Get a fishing pole toy and let her get all of her energy out.

Cats like dogs when they get bored channel their energy into activites that are less than desirable to us.

As for counter jumping there's a bunch of things you can try, putting aluminum foil on the counters, double sided sticky tape works well. There's also a couple different trainers at pet shops like the snappy trainer that looks like a mouse trap. When the cat jumps up and sets it off it makes a loud snapping noise but never hurts the cat.

I'm sure the other members will also have some great suggestions so go with whatever works best. Let us know how it goes.
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The shaker sounds interesting, I think I will try that. If only I could get the vaccume to turn on everytime she does something wrong! LOL But maybe a shaker will work too.
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I;ve made a shaker up and already had the opportunity to try it. I think the first time worked, both my cats went flying into hiding. I just hope Isabel doesn't become immuned.
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LOL good luck!!
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If the shaker can doesn't work, try this. Peel off a big piece of tin foil and put it somewhere where it can lay flat and not be disturbed. When Isabel is in a mischievous mode and doing something you don't like, take the foil and flap it in the air at her (it makes an impressive noise) usually startling them out of the behaviour. If you swat a cat, it will cause that cat to look at you differently and you no longer become protector and friend, but predator and the cat will usually bite and scratch you. About the counters you can also try getting a can of lemon-scented air freshener and spraying around the edges of your counters and tables and stuff. Cats hate citrus smelling anything,,,,,,,,,
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My cat is a slow learner but I think we are making slow progress with the shaker. At least, I managed to teach her one thing with it: not to sit against the window screen... she tends to get really excited and leap up and grab it with her claws. Now she sits most of the time back a bit by the glass... I only have to remind her the odd time with the shaker. I'm still working on all her other problems though.
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Have you tried any of those calming remidies? I've never used them but I heard they can work'

However what your one cat does is what my 3 cats do all day long and I love it, they know when they have crossed the line and now they dicipline themselves lol.

Constantly tell them 'off' when you catch them up on something. (it will work eventually). Put cans (empty) with pennys on them, at the edge of the kitchen sideboards.. cat jumps, knocks them down, horrible sound... she less likely to do it again cause it scares the fur off them!

Its harder to dicipline cats, if your trying to think in terms of a dog. With cats you need to understand them, and why they do something and then eliminate the problem.
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That shaker can is a great idea! :tounge2: Wish I'd thought of it when I converted by outdoor cat to indoor. He substituted my living room couch, chair and wallpaper for the trees he used to sharpen his claws on. I did the double sided tape and aluminum foil ritual. My living room was wall-to-wall aluminum foil and sticky tape - it was uninhabitable for humans. After about 3 weeks, he found a more acceptable substitute and I took the "decorations" down. Shortly after that he started up again and I had to re-do the living room. Eventually, he learned to use the scratching post consistently, but the key to behavior modification is consistency.
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Whenever my Cat did something he shouldn't have , I took my spray-bottle which I usually use for ironing !! A few drops of water and problem is solved !!! Believe me , now I only have to show the bottle , and he's rushing of , tail high in the air !!!!!!!!!!!!
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i do that to keep them off my computer desks
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