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Grey's got a bite...

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Well the saga of Grey and the neighbor cat
continues. I got the trapping cage, talked to the owner
and discovered her cat "Pirate" is a completely
tame guy inside but shy. And outside he's terrified
and since he's not fixed... he has redirected aggression
to other cats!! He hyst beat up a nice calio kittie -
and her owner is NOT pleased!

So, gave her my coupon for a neuter jobbie - told her
that it could reduce his fear/aggression and said
if I caught him, I'd bring him over. (No sign of her
actually going out "looking for him" as it were.)

Next, I got a trap. I had to wait for a double ended
trap (in case i get a racoon...)

Now, I have trap. Weather sucks. Raining.
AND I spotted Grey yesterday with a white
spot with red circle on his scrotum!! No joke.
I think he got a bite down there, and its

All I can do is put anti bios (Baytril, at
dosage for 12 lbs cat) into the food
I'm putting out and hope he eats it, and
not our local possum or other cats.


PLEASE send vibes for immediate capture
(starting dawn tomorrow!) I need to get
him RIGHT AWAY. Grey, come in the trap
and eat, PLEASE??

(He usually comes by round 3 pm ish...)

I'm so heart sick. And we need to catch
Pirate too - he's so terrified and scared
you never can get close or even see him!!
He only comes out late at night.

Send me trapping vibes please, and lots
of prayers for Grey's health!!
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ouch. poor little fellow. good luck with that.
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Sending positive thoughts for an easy trapping tomorrow! Please cooperate, little Grey!
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Lots and lots of successful trapping vibes!!
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Please be careful dosing with Baytril, an incorrect dosage can kill a cat
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Yes, I am aware of that. But as he customarily doesn't eat all the food,
I figure he won't get the dose. I base it on my own kitties
12 lbs which is about grey's poundage. I have to try
something before I catch him, as he may be very ill w/ infection
of UTI soon!!
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Poor Grey, he's been through too much already! I hope he is trapped safe and you can get this done. Come on, Grey...let's get you better, buddy!
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Well the good meaning neighbor made things WORSE!
She tried getting Grey in a net!! I mean come ON!
He's hurt, he skittish and now I am afraid he'll NEVER
come back near my house GRRRRRR.....

She means well... but ...

Anyway is there anyone who can help
me trap? I have to watch the trap
all day/night to make sure a) I release unwanted
folks and b) reset...

Lots of work, and I don't even know if I can make this work...

Gloomy today. Send me vibes and luck please.
He usually shows at 3 pm. I'm trying to swing
having afternoon off tomorrow. Be home and
set the trap from 1 pm on ... and watch till 10
pm. Then if I don't get, trap through the night into
the am... Sigh.
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Grey showed today! I was home for dinner round 5:15 pm and he
came in and ate! (The food that had some anti bios - tho not
'all of it..) He then ate some dry food, had some water and
left ... he let me come near (but went out the gate to wait
for the food) then came back in to eat his fill. Did not see
his balls

Am going for trap setting on Wed. at noon through late pm.
I will have to stay close to the trap monitoring it constantly.
But I have hope he'll come again tomorrow between 3 and 5
pm for food. Oh, PLEASE wish me luck!!!

Luck and vibes for catching him in the trap. If I get
him early in the day, I might be able to get him done
PRONTO the same day!!

Yahooo. That would be a real relief...
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Well, misery of misery the weather
failed to cooperate ... v. windy here (lost
siding from house!). Anyway cats not
out in it, hiding I guess.

Grey did come on 24th. Did not see yesterday.
Put out more food (anti bio split dose in 2 dishes -
so he'll get a little bit in each...) Dry food
and clean water. If there was no wind,
he'd be around. I think.

I wished so hard he would learn to climb up
in the feral shelters. They are SAFE (no
way for someone else to get in once he's
up in the inside quarters...) But he won't

I don't know the state of his balls. I haven't got
a good look at them in a bit. He seemed better
on 24th - I thought he'd maybe gotten a bit
of anti bios in him and it was working.

I am trying for Friday. I will be home all day.
I am leaving the trap open right now (tied)
and feeding him in it, to get him used to going
in the cage to eat. He's a bit (alot!) trap shy..
so I figure this will make it easier...

Please all... lots of vibes for catching this
most elusive guy! And rebuilding our trust -
which used to be sooooo high!
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I look forward to your Grey updates. And each time I always am hoping for good news that you have finally caught the elusive Grey. I;m certain that you will catch him. Sending good vibes to you and keeping my fingers crossed that you get him.
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