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need help NOW!

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is my cat labouring? she's meowing like crazy, and she's pacing back and forth! then our male cat started to fornicate with her, the next thing i know, waterlike liquid is all over the place! so the first thing that got to me was that maybe she's starting to labour! well is she? i separated them thinking that she's about to give birth, what am i supposed to do?! we placed her in a box with some blankets..
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The momcat wants a spot that she feels comfortable in. Preferably a place that is quiet and dark. A cardboard box with newspapers and a sheet over them in a closet maybe? It should be big enough for her to turn around in and receive up to 6 kittens. It should have an opening large enough for her to climb in and out of. But high enough that kittens can't crawl out.

Mom will start getting restless a few days before she is to give birth. She will keep going to her birthing spot, scratching in it, laying in it and may even decide she no longer wants that spot. She may go to her litter box and scratch in it for minutes at a time without using it. If she is bonded with you, she may want you near her. or will not want you around at all. You should respect her wishes and if she becomes anxious while you are near her back off and observe from a distance. If she is old enough she will follow her . instincts and bite the umbilical cord,lick the kitty clean,eat the after- birth,and then will nurse them.

Keep some fresh water and food nearby she will get thirsty and she needs proper nourishment. Get the adult male out of the room completely. He is a danger to the female and the kitten. Just keep her enclosed in a small room if you can and watch her. Good luck! There is usually someone online if you run into problems. If there are any complications, call your vet immediately. I don't know how old this mother is, but if she is really young, she could have problems.


If your cat pushes long and fruitlessly for to long (2 Hours) before the appearance of the next kitten. If she starts bleeding more than normal. If the mother cat lies in the box and starts breathing apathetically and ignores the kittens. If you observe any of these signs CALL YOUR VET.
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hissy! thanks soooo much! i forgot to breathe for a while there, thanks for reminding me, lol! i was panicking like a loony! well, she's still there, i got all crazy and forgot everything that i've read in the books. well, nothing's happening yet, she went out of the box and went under the bed, we decided to leave her there for now for some privacy, thanks again!
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just don't be surprised if she picks an alternate place to have her kittens. Keep your sock drawer closed! *G* But I usually get kittens after they are born and no longer wanted, someone like Sandie or Gayef can advise you better about the momentous event. Good luck!
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If she has already had some fluid released, I would keep a close eye on her. If she has not started contracting or producing kittens by now, I would get her to the vet to be checked out. One of the kittens sacs could have been ruptured and if she doesn't get them out, it could be pretty bad.
I would also try and get her into a room where she can't go hide. It's very difficult to check the kittens and mom if you can't get to them. If you have to, I would even put her box in the bathroom. This way you can make sure everything is okay.
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whew! we just left Dite with her litter, she just gave birth to 4 kittens! she got so tired that she somehow forgot to cut the 4th one's umbilical cord so we cut it ourselves. she's sleeping now. there's this red thing that is still attached to her, she haven't removed it yet, maybe because she's so tired, is this bad?

-i told you guys that she went under the bed right? well, minutes later, she was able to get out of the room and went to my room instead. she was panting and meowing, she looked so tired. i figured out that maybe she's calling me for help/companion. i went to her room first and she followed me there, then she went inside the box (the one that i've mentioned earlier).. and the rest is history!
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Congrats on the new arrivals! The red thing is afterbirth and she should expel it and eat it. I read somewhere that she needs the contents of it for the benefit of her kittens, but I am not sure. I do know she needs to expell it, I just don't know how long you can let it hang there?
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that's what i'm worried about.. i'm afraid that it will cause complications if it stays there for too long
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She said that the mother should pass the afterbirth on her own, but if she doesn't by tonight, then you should call your vet and take her in. She could (emphasis on could) have another kitten inside and an x-ray will tell you that.
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thanks hissy & Sandie she's okay now :tounge2:

question: when can i bathe her? do i have to wait for a week or something?
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I'm going to jump in here. If I remember correctly you don't want to bath her. Shampoos have chemicals in them that can be very dangerous for the kittens.

Hissy, Sandy please correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure bathing mom is not a good idea right?
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Right sfell, the mom should take care of clean up on her own, and if you are really worried about her looking yucky, you can always sprinkle cornstarch on her (just a little) and groom her out. But let her be for awhile as far as bathing goes.
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I would wait until the babies are at least a month old. Even if you use a mild soap, mom may stress and it will effect her and her kittens. I would just keep things quiet and normal for her.
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hmmm.. i didn't realize that!
thanks y'all, you've been very, very helpful thanks so much this site is superb
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