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I have 4 different noses at home

A pink one (Precious):

Brown (Imsadi):

Pink with freckless (Aura):

Brown with pink (Binky):

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Even their little noses are beautiful.
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What cute noses you have!
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I love the little hint of fang in the first picture of precious.
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Are`nt they all so sweet?!
Tedy has a pink nose, but Toby has a dark salmon colored one.
I love how unique each kitty is!
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Adorable kitty noses, all 4 of 'em!!!!
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I have a pink nose and a black nose at home!

Very good photos - Especially the first one! He looks just like my Portia
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What sweet little noses! Kitty noses are the best. Great pictures!
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It is said that variety is the spice of life.
All of your kitties have beautiful noses. :
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Oh I love kitty noses! We have one gray and one half pink/half black one. It's just amazing how different cats noses can be!
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Those are adorable noses!!! How did you get those photos so nice and clear?
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awwwwww..great pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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How cute!
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How did you get those photos so nice and clear?
I don't know, but i made more than one until i got it right. I use a Canon Powershot A95
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How cute!
I love the photo of Binky in your siggy. He just looks so pleased with himself, and why wouldn't he be, he's gorgeous!
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This is the picture, i love it too

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awww so sweet, i love cats little noses. I just see them and wanna kiss them!

I must admit my favourite nose would have to be precious, it reminds me of Taralen my norwegian forest cat's nose.

Eva x
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Even their noses are beautiful. Gotta love such amazing creatures.
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Thank you
They get many kisses on those noses every day
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