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I've had my senior catizen for about a year now and I will be going on vacation for three weeks soon. Last year I took a two week vacation and had a friend come by every day to feed him and such, as the previous owner of the cat had recommended. But my friend had the feeling that Coco was very lonely in that time, as I can imagine, always meowing sadly when my friend left. I feel just awful leaving him alone again! He's used to much daily affection!
Unfortunately there isn't the option of someone coming to live with him at my house, which would of course be the best option. The problem being that my house is...well...below normal living standards when it comes to plumbing and heating (I'm a student living in a foreing country), and I don't know anyone who would be willing to put up with that this time of year!

Do you guys think it would be better for me to bring him to someones house for the three weeks that I'm gone so that he gets some love and attention as well? Does he remember people he's met before, meaning, would it be best for him to go to someone familiar?
Keep him mind, hes a very lively, healthy, and active senior...

Thanks for the advice!