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Swollen jaw, looks like a Lion...

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My cat Damien just mysteriously has a swollen jaw since last night. It seems tender to the touch and he seems to be acting normal. It's quite noticable however, even making his eye droop a little bit.

Both he and his sister are allowed outside where there are other cats, but they have never had any fights before and I don't see any sign that this was from a fight.

Anyone have any idea what to do? Is this serious and should I be taking him to the vet right now?

I can give more information of course, if needed.

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Any type of inflammation...ecspecially where a cat fight may be involved is definitly a Vet ASAP situtation......

Cat bites in particular harbor lots of nasty bacteria...and without proper care and antibiotics can escalate quickly....

Good luck and I hope all goes well
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Call the bet. He probably got into a fight and it is absessing, or he's got a wicked bug bite. I've also seen cats get hit by cars and have their lips seperate from their jaws. GO TO THE VET.
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It could well be an abscess on a tooth. Get him to a vet whatever - it needs investigating.
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Hmmmm....that doesn't sound too good. I agree....go to the vet.
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Could very well be a collision with a car and a broken jaw. Please take the cat to the vet.
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I hope you have taken kitty to the vet. This sounded serious. Update us if you can, please!
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