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Strange spot on nose

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My poor little Tripod has a rough patch on his nose. I made an appointment at the vet for Sat AM. Maybe it was always there and I never noticed it. He was on my chest when I was lying in bed. The sun was shining right on his little pink nose and I noticed that a small area is raised. It is difficult to see from other angles. His nose is a very pale pink. He's an indoor-only cat, but he lays in sun spots whenever he can. Please pray that he doesn't have skin cancer!
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Many prayers for Tripod!
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Will do.

Keep us posted as soon as you find out what it is or isn't.
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Prayers and good vibes going out to Tripod.
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Sending plenty of prayers for Tripod!
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Hope its nothing serious!!
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Sending many good vibes to Tripod!
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Sending lots of Healthy, no skin cancer }}}VIBES{{{ Tripod's way!!
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Y'all are the BEST! Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes! I'll keep you updated.
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I hope it's nothing!
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Awwww bless his little heart

(((((healthy vibes))))) coming Tripods way
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I'm sending healthy vibes Tripod's way. Don't think the worst. It could be an allergy reaction.
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Sending good vibes your way. I hope its nothing serious.
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Sending out many healthy vibes & a prayer for Tripod right now. I hope that everything is alright. Please do tell us how everything went!

{{{{{{{{{{healthy vibes }}}}}}}}}}
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<<<<<vibes>>>>> I hope Tripod is completely healthy!
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Thanks again everyone.
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Prayers on the way for Tripod.
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Here's hoping for good news on Saturday. At least you noticed it and are doing hte right thing!
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Sending many good vibes out to cute little Tripod!
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Well, we went to the vet on Saturday. He doesn't think its skin cancer, but he hasn't ruled it out. He said it was different. Its possible that it is some kind of fungus. He said the name, but I don't remember it - it was a long word. He didn't really think it was that either because it is pretty rare. He has only seen it twice in 30 years. If it is, a bump will develop that will need to be removed. He sounded like if thats what it was it was serious. Anyway, he put him on antibiotics and told me to keep an eye out for any changes.

He considered biopsying his nose, but didn't want to disfigure him unnecessarily. He tried to gently scrape it, but couldn't get anything.

Meanwhile, poor Tripod was sitting there just shaking. The car ride upsets him very much and the vet visit isn't his favorite thing either by a long shot. I went to the pet store and asked about Feliway, but she told me it wouldn't suit my purposes because it was in a diffuser. I found out later (a catalog that came in the mail Saturday) that it does come in a spray. I bought a chamomile spray that may or may not have helped. The directions said 1-2 pumps as needed. I sprayed before we left the house and before we left the vets. I don't know if I could overdose him. When he got home he wouldn't come out from under the bed until dinner.

I tried to take a digital photo of his nose, but the flash is broken and I didn't get any detail. I have to download the camera at work because my home Windows 95 computer is not compatable...so, I'll keep trying. Maybe someone here can identify what it looks like.

As a side note, If Tri does have something rare, it won't be the first time. he had a rare type of tapeworm awhile ago that is caused by eating raw fish (if the fish has the tapeworm). He was found at approx 6-7 weeks old at my work and must have eaten the fish heads that our neigbor left when he cleaned his fish before we found him.

My poor baby. Please keep Tripod in your prayers.
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healing vibes tripod's way
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Originally Posted by cazimauw
healing vibes tripod's way
Thank you. He's already been through so much and he's such a good kitty.
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That was quite the day for both of you. I hope whatever he has isn't too serious!!
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Sending healing vibes and prayers to Tripod!
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Oh poor baby...hugs for Tripod
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Lots of good health vibes for Tripod and calming vibes for you, Renee!
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Prayers for Tripod.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
Prayers and good vibes going out to Tripod.
Tripod is my thoughts! ...
Please let us to know how he´s...
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Poor little guy, I hope he is okay! Give him a kiss & prayer for me, & Tucker & Mini send many headbutts for him, too.
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Saying a prayer for him now. Hugs for you, please let us know what happens
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