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DT for Sunday

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Happy Sunday everybody! It seems like this month is going by soooo fast, it's already the 14th! I'm planning to go shopping with a friend later on today, and after that if the weather cooperates, I want to get some yard work done. Have a nice day!
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Still raining here. We are starting to frame in the Master Bathroom today! Pretty soon I will be able to take tub baths!

There is a run for a shift of power in the house. Ms. Karma has decided to challenge Alpha for position of running the crew, so the confrontations are almost non-stop. I don't think Trip is going to let her win, but it amazes me that Karma will actually stalk Trip and try and sneak up on her. So far it has just been growls and snarls, no out-right roll into a ball and fight to the death challenge. When I think of Karma when she first arrived here, so paper thin and scared and angry at the world (renters left her behind when they bailed in the middle of the night) and how I tried to find her a home twice and she kept coming back to us, I just marvel at her tenacity to survive. We never thought she would even let us touch her as she was obviously treated so badly. But, one day she just came in the house and kind of stayed. The other night she even jumped on the couch for the first time. We have had her about a year and a half I guess. So now, she wants to rule the crew, but I don't think she is capable of taking that away from Trip. I could be wrong, she has proved me wrong before. It'll be interesting to see what happens in the next week or so.

I turned down a cat last night and feel bad about it, but I can't take anymore at the moment. A beautiful black and white female that was trapped in a trailer park. I managed to convince the lady who borrowed my trap, to take the kitty and see if she will blend in with her household. Told her I would help her anyway I could, except to take a new cat in right now. I promised Mike that this year I would only accept kittens because they are so much easier to place than grown ferals. I will try and stand by my word. But I felt bad because this cat needed someone who was familiar with feral care.

Anyway just rambling and stalling a date with Geometry.........LOL
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It's a grey day here, but it isn't rainy yet. I expect it will rain later, though, it's rainy season here in TX.

We are hoping to go to mass later this morning. I got the schedule from the answering service, but they didn't say which one had Sunday School. My daughter gets bored during mass - it isn't made for children after all - so we do much better with some kind of kids' program.

I found out yesterday, just by accident, that the humane society around here is a no-kill shelter. I felt pretty good about that, and now I feel pretty good about putting change in their collection cans.

Hissy, I sure understand how you feel, but it's good to know your limitations. You can't help everybody, and you already do so much. But I know I would feel badly too. I'm sure that kitty will do fine with you to guide the person who found her.
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Warm and sunny. Have to meet my soon-to-be ex today, to sign our tax return. This will, only, be the second time that I've seen him, in 10 months. NOT looking forward to it. He hurt me so badly. On an up note, I have an interview with the manager of another store, five minutes from home. Will see him, tomorrow, after work. Wish me luck! If I get this, it means sleeping later, in the morning and getting off swing shift, earlier. Also, will save a fortune in gas and aggravation, with traffic.
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Today started out grey and I had to go into work and clean the cages. All the cats managed to go to the bathroom twice so I had to change everyone's box twice.:tounge2:

After work it cleared up and now it's sunny and hot. I got my oil changed and did a little food shopping. Now I'm staying in for the rest of the day. Spring cleaning!!

Well I hope everyone enjoys the day!!
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I'm sorry about your ex, but the good thing is that you are putting everything behind you and getting on with your life. Good luck with your interview tomorrow!
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I am so excited!!! The S/O and I just got back from Dicks sporting goods and we bought ourselves bikes! Dropped alot of $$$ but it's going to be so worth it! We also got helmets and water bottles. I'm going to read the manual this afternoon and then we're off! Where I live is a planned community with lots of bike trails, parks and such. It's a great place to go biking. I've wanted a bike for a long time but we didn't plan on getting bikes when we went to the sporting good store. I was actually there to update the rollerblades, but we looked at the bikes and found some that we loved. It's my birthday present from the S/O. He did good this year! I will be back though in the next couple weeks to get new rollerblades. Just couldn't justify buying them if we were getting the bikes.

So I've got to do some laundry, go to the grocery and do some biking today!

It's 78 degrees here with a light breeze. An absolutely gorgeous day to go for a bike ride!
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