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My Lucky...

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Good Morning!

I know it has been awhile since I posted about Lucky (my outdoor kitty that was abandoned). She was the one with the Yowling problem and was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. She has been on her Hyperthyroid medication since last June/July, takes it like a trooper! Course, I give it to her in the Chicken/Salmon Pill Pockets . I just took her into my regular vet on Sat, he is running the urine and full blood test on her again. For some reason, whe was still Yowling in the wee hours of the night/morning . I was taking her to a vet down the street from me that my friend & her daughter-in-law use, but it was like going to a mass-market vet .

Luckily I had some sedatives that my vet had given me for my Opal (she really hates going to the vet), so Lucky was alot calmer than normal...she is usually really cranky (course, at 15 yrs old, wouldn't you be cranky ).

He also trimmed her claws and (tried to) groom her, she is a long-haired cat and gets knots in her fur . I also explained to him about the yowling and the Hyperthyroidism (smart move on my part: every time I took my Lucky into the other vet, I *always* got copies of everything! Even the blood test results! So he was actually able to see exactly what they had done.), I told him the yowling was becoming a problem, so he thought it might be anxiety and gave me some anti-anxiety medication for her (Amitriptyline 10mg Tablet). I'm thinking it will take a couple of days for me to see any change. But then for the last couple of nights, she has been sleeping in the house again.

I tend to believe she has a problem with separation anxiety, due to the fact that her original person dumped her outside the house and left her when he moved from my house (10-13 years ago), then my friend was taking care of her for the next 10 years (I was helping on & off for 5 of those years), then she had to be moved to a home where they could take better care of her (she is 80ish now), then I took over the care of her. There happened to be another couple that moved into the apartment house next door to us that she really liked and got attached too...well, they left (bought a house) and so now I (& my husband) have been her only "constant" in her life. She doesn't yowl in the house, just outside. I think it is because she knows we are in the house when she sleeps indoors.

Since me husband and I are considering moving to either British Columbia or Alberta Canada in the next few years we *will* be taking her & the other abandoned outdoor kitty (Bootsie) with us. The only difference will be that we will be adding a shed type room to the back of the house and covering it in carpet (walls) and rugs (floors) and putting a flowerbed type box with organic dirt for them to use as a catbox. Here in Southern CA, we don't have to worry about the weather too much, but there (especially in Alberta) it gets COLD!

So (anywho) I am anxiously awaiting my vets call today to let me know if she has any other health problems.

Sorry for my ramblings....
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I hope things go well for Lucky and the tests are all A-OK.
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Just received the call from my Vet!

He says Lucky's blood & urine tests were good, no liver or kidney problems...which can result from the Thyroid problem.

He wants me to continue giving her Thyroid meds as I am now (2.5mg twice a day) and wants to do another blood test in 6 months.

Very, very happy!

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Sounds like Lucky is very lucky...to have found you!
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Glad the meds are working and everyone's happy!
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