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My little Creepy...

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I finally booked her appointment to have her teeth done at the vets, this week. But I'm nevous/ scared about how its all going to go and weather she'll be ok at the train staion and stuff. I guess I'm looking for reassurance and good luck and stuff.
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Awww she'll be fine Have you got to get a train to the vets?!
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I live in Huntingdon and I'm registered at a vet in st.neots. So we have to get a taxi to the train station, then we have to wait for the train and then get a taxi to the vets. After the op we have to do the journey all over again. I’m just not sure how she’s going to respond to the loud noises and stuff like that.
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Awww thats a shame My vets only a 15 minute walk from my house but i still get a taxi as it really stresses Rosie out because she burys herself under the blanket

I think it's because she's an indoor cat and she's not used to noises like cars etc....

Is there no vets nearby that you could check out?
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Sending lots of good vibes..I'm sure to vet visit will go fine.
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That's got to be tough taking public transport to the vets. I hope it goes well.

BTW - I used to live not far from Huntingdon, in a little place called Alconbury.
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She'll be in a carrier, right? Maybe line the bottom with some of your clothing. I have heard on this site good things about Feliway. Maybe you can try that. I plan on buying some soon. I haven't had much success keeping my cats calm and the vet is only a 10 minute car ride, so I can imagine you must be stressing out over this.
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Hey everyone I managed to get my cat to vet. (which is why I've been away for the past few days) And she all better now.... ok she feels sorry for herself and is milking all attion put her way, but she ok.
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Oh, YAY!!! I am SO happy to hear that!
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