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Lexy is sick

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Hi Everyone

I posted a message about my resident cat and my new cat the other day. Now I have another problem. My resident cat Lexy is acting normal (sleeping on my pillow and kneading my head) but not really eating a lot and when she does eat she vomits. I called the vet and she suggested that I try giving her baby food but just small portions. She has an appointment this morning at the vet. Has anyone had this happen? Lexy is like a child to my husband and I and we are so upset.

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It hasn't happend to me, but your doing the right thing by taking her to the vet.

Bless her, let us know how it goes.

Is she drinking ok btw?!
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Thanks!! I haven't seen her go to the bathroom but she is drinking a little but then throwing up.
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Bless her At least your taking her in because they can get dehydrated when they have no fluids in them
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I do hope that this is nothing serious and she feels better soon. it is so scary when they are sick and can't tell us what is wrong. Good luck!
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I hope she is better soon! If she's acting pretty normal other than the vomiting then thats a good sign I hope.
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I really hope that it isn't something serious. She has such a personality and is a total sweatheart.
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Sending good vibes Lexy's way.
She may be constipated, it kind of sounds like Spyder when he was constipated last year.
The vet had to give him an emema
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Sending healing vibes to Lexy and thinking of you and your husband. I know how worried you must be. Hope the vet can find and treat the problem quickly.
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We did adopt another cat too. I thought that it was stress. I really hope it isn't anything serious.
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We took Lexy to the vet, she did Xrays, gave her an IV and some antibotics and sent her home. She said that she wants to give her 24 hours without food or water. She said the IV will help her from getting dehydrated. So I guess now we wait. She was a total trooper at the vet's office.
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Thats good thats she's getting sorted Do they have any idea what it could be?!
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The vet didn't really say. She said at first she said she thought that maybe she ate something but she took an Xray and didn't see anything. I guess time will tell
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