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expressing male cat

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would people please provide me with url's or other pointers where
I can read other people's experiences in expressing cats and where
I can share the problems I am facing in my attempt to express one
of my cats.


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Do you mean expressing the cats anal glands? If so and you have never done this. I would really take the cat into your vets and have him first check to see if its needed. And let the vet do it and you can see how its done.
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I'm assuming you mean you have to express his bladder? Been there, done that.
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If this is something you have never attempted the best advice is to visit your Vet or one of the Vet Techs and have them show you exactly how its done. Looking at photos and descriptions does not give you the best instruction. Hands on is best.
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I am in a similar situation, my cat has been to the vets and they said he has an enlarged bladder, he has to go back tomorrow to be checked again (theres no blockage). I am also wondering if I can express his bladder, I have been searching on the net to see if there is any info, but I can't find proper instructions. I will ask my vet tomorrow.

If you did find any info on it can you let me know? and I'll do likewise.
Thank you!
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here is a link that shows how but also stresses that your Vet should show you as well.

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You really need to see this first-hand being done, and trust me, any vet will be happy to show you how to do it. I do this to several of my cats when needed, but first I made my vet show me no less than three times how to do it right. Doing it incorrectly can injure your cat, or your cat can injure you. Also a licensed professional groomer can do this procedure and will show you how it's done.

Here's a tip, stand back, hold your breath and wear an apron!
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Thanks for advice everyone and the link, I will ask the vet today, and thanks for the apron tip!
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