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Snow pics

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We were supposed to get a dusting overnight with it changing to rain before sunrise. Instead I woke up to this. It looks so pretty I had to take a few pictures. These are my backyard taken from my bedroom wiindow. Hard to believe it was 60 degrees and I was gardening on Saturday, isn't it?

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Wow! those are beautiful
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Yup, totally jeleous we have NO snow, we have grass - ugh!!
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I can't see the pictures here at work but I can imagine how beautiful they are since I was raised in New Brunswick.

We had ice on our trees this morning and the sun shining on them was awesome. My husband took some pictures but hasn't downloaded them to the computer yet.

Winter can be very beautiful.
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Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing!
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Wow!!!! Such fantastic photo's!!! Absolutely stunning!!
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Brrrrr Karen!

Keep it!
post #8 of 13 to know,...Iยดm a tropical specie! ....Is great but,...BRRRRRRRRR!!!!...

.........Great work Friend!!!!
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Pretty...pretty...pretty! Not jealous...I'm very glad I don't have to deal with it, but I sure do like looking at it. Thanks for sharing.
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Those are very beautiful pics!
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I'm so jealous! We have had a crappy snow season. I heard on the news today that it is our warmest January on record since 1933.
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Thanks everyone! It ahs now changed to rain and it is a slushy mess outside. It took my husband 2-1/2 hours to get to work this morning. He said it was the worst commute he has ever had.

Originally Posted by rosiemac

Keep it!
I am MORE than happy to send some your way.
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Thanks for posting your lovely snow pictures...I love the change of seasons...all of them. Snow is beautiful..and we have`nt had enough of it here in Michigan this winter.
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