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show cage curtains

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Veeshan's show cage curtains are finished

Veeshan is named after a dragon so I chose oriental silk brocade fabric that has dragons on it. My aunt made these not sure what the other material is I have not seen these in real life yet but I think they look perfect.
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The pictures don't seem to have come through. I'm looking forward to seeing them though . Thats a great idea for a name. My fiance loves dragons and would probably get more into it if there was some kidn fo dragon theme involved :P: .
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*Giggles* Veeshan, .......what server did you play on?
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Maelin Starpyre
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I am looking forward to seeing your curtains because I am just about to start on some so maybe you could try to post them again or something *thanx*

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I wonder why they are not coming up. They show up for me. And it worked on 2 other messange boards.
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did you use photobucket or what website
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ok i uploaded it on photobucket see if this one works

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wow those are really nice did you use a pattern?
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Your curtains look great!
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My aunt made them and I think she just went by pictures. All I did was pick out the fabric she did the rest. I actually have not seen them in real life yet. She is making a matching bed and adding some velcro.
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well your aunt did a great job we are actually going to start to on Sundance's show curtains. your's are for a double cage right?


oh ya and you can see sundance's pictures under my little show cat on Breeder's Corner
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They are beautiful!!!
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