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Hello and Please help

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Hello everyone

First a little about me and samson................I am the proud "slave" to a gorgeous 3 year old seal point birman called Samson, although he is better known as "Puddy"

My question is................I am thinking of buying PUD a new play friend from the same breeder I bought him from but I am worried how he will react...............anyone have any thoughts??

Thanks in advance
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Hello and welcome! I think getting your kitty a friend is a good idea.
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There is always a period where they have to "get to know" each other. Every one of my 5 cats went through it. They all work it out, some take longer then others.

In each case with my cats it was always the "new" cat who attempted to be friendly. Acceptance comes in a few weeks.

Go ahead and get another cat, it will be fine.
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!

see you on the forums!!!
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Hello and welcome

Looking forward to seeing pictures of Samson

I have 3 cats. I've had it work both ways. I had one cat that was miffed for a very long time and just now (about 3 months later) finally has stopped hissing at the other two. Then my other cat totally welcomed the idea of a new playmate and buddy.

Hope all goes well if you decide on a addition to your cat family.
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Welcome! I think a playmate is a wonderful idea. Here is a good article about new cat introductions! I hope this helps!

Click on my user name and send a private message if you need any help!
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i brought a kitten home to my already not so friendly 1 and a half year old cat and worried for days how it would go. my mom had introducted a new adult male to her adult male and it took about 6 months for them to finally warm up to one another. i did things very slowly but within the first week they were able to play together and stay in the open with one another. so i was very lucky and i hope that if you decide to get another baby it works out just as well for you!!
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hello and welcome samsons slave and hello samson

i would try to introduce them on neutral turf,see how they get on together,let them spend a while together,if that goes ok ,then maybe who knows?could be the beginning of a wonderful friendship!
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Hi, a great big welcome to you & your Samson from my cats and I!! I do think getting another cat as a friend for him is a great idea. I hope you find everything you need to about it here. Hoping all goes well with introducing your new cat to Samson! Please tell us how it goes.

Good luck!

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Welcome to the forum!!

Getting your furbaby a pal is a great idea!! It may take them some time to get used to each other, but it should all work out well in the end!

And don't forget to post up some piccies!
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Wellcome, welcome and once more wellcome!!!
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Good luck if you get a new cat. Welcome to The Cat Site.
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Welcome to TCS

have you made a decision whether to give Pud a playmate or not? I think its a great idea if you can... there is a wealth of information here on how to introduce a new kitty to your household if you decide to do that.

Please send me or another mentor a message if you need any help at all in the forums.

welcome again from me and my boys
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When I have introduced new cats to the residents, I have kept the new cat/cats in a seperate room, then put the newby/ies in a cage in the room with the residents, (with part of the cage covered so the others can't poke in. This got them used to the presence of each other.
Then I gradually let the kitten out with the others for supervised play, lengthening the time together (unless there were signs of hostility, e.g. growling, hissing, etc.) in which case I shortened the time next encounter.

The easiest to introduce was the last. I had 4 kittens in from 5 weeks, first in one cage, then in two (as they grew larger.) They were in the cages in the common area with my 9 adult indoor cats (ranging from 1 year to 11.) The kittens got out to play in a 4' x 4' covered "cage" a few times a day, where the adults could see them (and walk over the top of the enclosure - not by my choice.) By the time I had found homes for 3 and decided to keep the reaining kitten, the cats were so used to her, I just let her out of the cage (to her ecstatic delight) and no one noticed or objected.
One of the kittens went to a friend with a well-behaved 3-4 year old lady cat. The rambunctious little kitten was regarded by her with horror. My friend borrowed a cage along with the kitten, and put the little guy back into the cage when his play got too much for the lady cat. It took a few months, and now the two are the best of friends, with mutual cuddling & grooming. (Kitten was fed seperately in the cage & had toys, litterbox & cushion within. However, no question he preferred all the lady cat's toys and his favorite toy was the lady cat.)
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Welcome to the forum

I can't give you any advice in this area as I have no experience in this but I'm sure there are loads of people who will be able to give you good advice!

For what's it's worth, I'd definitely get a friend for your kitty. There'll probably a period where they will need to get used to each other but it will be sooo worth it!

Now, where are the piccies of your baby???
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Hi welcome to the site.
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