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Im so frustrated!!!!

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I posted about my cat before. This is his update...

My cat belvedere is 13 years old and after seeing his vet she told me that they didnt find any signs of cancer with the aspirate, but she said that she noticed the back of my cats throat is red (infected) and i told her that maybe he needs his teeth cleaned? Maybe his gums are infected? She said he only has 2 large molers in the back and it doesn't look like his teeth are infected, but they have tartar. So she wants to do a biopsy of his mouth and have his teeth cleaned for $508!!!!! I told her i just dont have that kind of money, plus they dont have payment plans. So now all i bought is a medicated ointment for his infected eye. He's eating and acting normal. I just know he has something and now i don't know where to go or what to do. I don't want belvedere to worsen if i can help it. Can anyone give me some more advise????
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get a second opinion
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I think it is time for a new vet
Or yes, at least a second opinion.
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I agree with a second opinion.
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Is this the same vet you've been seeing? Did the vet run any blood tests? If she told you your cat's throat is infected, I would think she would've atleast prescribed you some antibiotics. This vet doesn't sound very competent. Try contacting your local humane society, they may be able to refer you to some low-cost vets in your area who can work with you.
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Wow! Over $500! That does seem excessive for a sore throat! I agree a second opinion and maybe a new vet. I've never had a doctor tell me I needed a biopsy for my sore throats. The first thought is possibly a swab to culture the cause of the inflammation, but that's non-invasive. Antibiotics are needed if it's a bacterial infection. Your poor kitty needs a different approach than what you were offered IMO. Good luck!
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