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This one has me stumped

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For the last week or so, my alpha female has been acting really strangely. The minute I head for the bathroom, she is hot on my heels and the entire time I am in there, regardless of what I am doing, she is circling underneath my feet, crying constantly and begging to be petted. But even if I pet her the crying doesn't cease. They are short little chirps like she is telling me something not cries of distress. So the other day, I went in there armed with one of her toys, and I threw it into the shower stall, she wasn't interested, kept meowing. Then I took a coffee mug, filled it with cool water, placed it on the floor and she walked over to it, started scratching around it (common for her to do this) drank some and then settled at my feet! No more crying. Now mind you, she has a huge community drinking bowl in the kitchen, several outside not to mention she uses the horse trough when she is thirsty. Now the only thing she wants when I am in there is water, and even if I keep the mug down there and filled with water, she cries till I dump the water out and give her fresh! LOL Go figure this one, and if you do, I will give you an A+!
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LOL Hissy...Okay, situation A: Alpha female is feeling as if there are too many other cats getting your attention and would like to feel as if she is just as special to you. Following you into a room where no other kitties will be and then getting you to do something for her.
Situation B: Alpha female has become very picky about the freshness of her water. If this is the case, Mom can try getting some sort of fountain or see about dumping and refilling much more often.
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Sounds like our female bengal, Tigger I have to play with her on an individual basis, & if I don't she lets us know. She sits in the room & moans (a baby, baby cry) & cries. If you ask her "What?" she responds with a big meow. She follows me around, too. If I run, she trots along with me, lol!:tounge2:

Oh, and about the water issue: the 3 bengals like water out of the faucet Gizmo sits and waits for us til we turn it on. Although, lately, I've been trying to give fresh R/O water from the water store and putting it in a small bowl for them to drink from. The drinkwell fountain quit on us, too. Even with the drinkwell, he still scooped the water out. The other night we were gone for 15 -20 minutes to go to Wendys'... when we left he was sitting next to the faucet & when we came back he was still sitting there waiting!
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Well for pete's sake! :tounge2: She gets fresh water everyday, with one dog and 9 cats drinking out of a ceramic chip and dip bowl, the water doesn't last that long. Ever since she got injured and we almost lost her, she has been exhibiting strange behavior. I guess Ms. Priss will just keep following me to the bathroom and chirping at me till I fill the royal cup with cool water! She is Alpha now to 9 cats, but has been Alpha to 23 last year, so she should be glad there are only 8 competitors for my attention. LOL She ignores Mike, and if I do pick her up, she scratches me...she is an enigma! LOL Thanks for the input though.
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What is it with cats and bathrooms? Georgia follows me every time, sits up on her hind feet and holds her paws out like a baby wanting to be picked up. That is almost the only time she likes to be held. It's cute, but kind of strange and annoying.:confused2
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Guess they know that for awhile, they have a "captive" audience? LOL
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I am almost never alone in the bathroom. My question is, "What self-respecting cat would rather lick the bathtub or sink and get a few drops, rather than drink the fresh water in their dish?" Maybe mine has no pride....yeah, right!
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Fred will get upside down and hang on just so he can drink out of the toilet. It's funny as hell when he slips and falls in. He gets really mad when I laugh at him.:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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Gizmo cries to get into the bathroom, too!:tounge2: His new thing: put his paws on the toilet seat and watch the water flush! The last thing I need is for him to start drinking the water
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Dani likes to just watch me when I'm in the bathroom. She'll lie several feet outside the door and look in unless I close the door then she'll lie right ouside the door (is she listening?) Sometimes if the door is just cracked open, I look over and see these huge yellow eyes peeking in... BOO :LOL:
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Gizmo likes to play with the water droplets that fall off the showwer door!:tounge2:
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The day I find myself all ALONE in the bathroom is the day that the world will come to an end!
As for the water thing Hissy...I have NO clue! Just give me an F-
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Oh yes, I agree, for attention, and she may just be picky about the freshness of her water. Most cats like to drink from a natural spring.. lol meaning your bathtub, or sinks leaky faucet.

Does she do this everytime you go into the bathroom, or only during a certain time of the day.

Isha, my female will do this first thing in the morning, be right at my heals, meow meow pet me. Once she gets her food its all over.
My friends think she's stupid, but I actually think she is very smart, she just talks me in a very cat like way, compaired to most cats who humanize their form of communication cause they have learned thats what works best and gets the most results from us.
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I do not have this problem with Sydney , as he HATES water !!
well , he drinks it yes , but that's it !!!!!!

hahaha hissy , how funny !!! Know what I think ???
Your precious is just plane jalous !!! YOU have fresh water ,HE WANTS THAT TOO !!!!!!!!!
great character !!!!
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Jinxy too loves the bathroom. Every morning he jumps up on the toilet seat, then on to the vanity and into the sink. There he watches me put on my make-up, plays with all of my make-up and brushes and knocks over everything and watches me pick it up. Then he'll take a little nap in the sink and then swat more objects around to generally drive me crazy in the morning. I wouldn't give up my morning time with Jinx for anything though!!! He's the cutest!
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jade loves to lick the water out of the sink whenever i brush my teeth. and when she's not licking water out of the sink, she's pacing back and forth in front of me doing anything she can to rub up on me...cute, but annoying after the first two seconds... she's really sweet when she rubs her face against yours though... you can lean down enough to match your face to hers when she's on the counter and she'll just love and love and love ya'...gotta' love her!
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