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My poor cat!

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Hi guys.
I adopted a cat about 8 months ago and my family have enjoyed him very much (Marcus is his name) He loves to play and you can cuddle with him anytime. Two weeks ago I camet home and my cat was doing a lot of crying and I figured he saw another cat in the window, so i called him over and he was not using his back right paw. I checked him out and when i touched it, he went to bite me which he never did. I waited one day and when i got home he was a lot worse, he did not want to play all he did was sleep and when he tryed to get up he did a lot of crying. I took him to the vet the next morning and got xrays and they found nothing wrong and they told me he might of twisted he leg the wrong way and told me to give him some anti-inflamitory pills and not to let him jump on anything. So it's been 1 1/2 weeks and I gave him his last pill yesturday and he is really bad. He walks around crying and when he lays down he shakes a lot and I try to confort him but when I do close to his back leg he gets really upset. My cat is only 3 1/2 and we love him to death! What could this be?? We are goin to get the xrays from the vet and go somewhere else or even see a specialist because he is in a lot of pain. Thanks for reading and any comments would be great
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I don't know what it could be, but I do know how terrible you feel, seeing Marcus in pain. I hope you can find a vet that can diagnose this quickly. I’ll be thinking of you and sending healthy vibes to Marcus.
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Yes, please get a second opinion. It could be a hairline fracture, which are difficult to see on xray.
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i'd find a feline specialist if I were u

sorry my keyboard was messing up. But I would take your cat to a feline specialist if there is one in your area
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Pain in the paw can be referred pain....something like sciatic nerve pain in people. A foot can hurt when there is pressure on the nerve root in the spine. Does you kitty indicate any pain in his back or hip?
Have you told your vet the pain is getting worse? Many vets will charge you less or nothing for a follow up appointment where they failed to find the problem. Sometimes they just need you as your pets advocate to let them know this is more serious then a sore ligament.
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Well.. We went to the vet today and got the xrays and decided to get a second opinion from another vet (which is closer) we showed him the xrays and his eyes went big and told us he can't believe that the other vet did not see this. His hip is cracked and he will need surgery! He said he would take the broken bone out and replace it and he will need to take pills for pain for 10 days and i will have to do some therapy with him after the stictches are taken out. All this for $500!!! Well im getting it done tomorrow because my cat is only 3 1/2 and I love him to death! Just thought I would let you guys know. Im going to shot the first vet for not seeing this
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Well, at least you finally have an answer and can help your kitty. Thank goodness! I know how I would feel in your place. I would go back to the original vet and give him a wake up call about what he missed, but that's just me. I know $500 sounds like a lot, but for surgery that's really not that bad especially for a hip replacement. I'm glad your kitty will be feeling better soon.
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I'm glad something was figured out. Good luck, keep us posted on his recovery!
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Doesn't surprise me really. When Tazzy got injured, the first vet missed a break in her front shoulder. Another vet, when taking x-rays of her broke her leg even more than it was! Color me totally ticked off when the final vet pointed all this out as he looked at the x-rays we brought with us to his clinic.
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i'm so glad to hear that you didn't delay in making the decision to get a 2nd opinion. i do hope that all goes well with the surgery!
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Sounds like the second vet is a keeper. So sorry Marcus has had to suffer with this so long already. I think I'd have some "words" for him!!!

Hope surgery goes well and that Marcus has a full recovery. Thinking of you and sending healing vibes to Marcus.
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Some vets are just unbelievable!!! It makes me wonder where they get their licences from!!

Hope Marcus gets better soon!
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I went to the vet today at 5:00pm to see if everything went well and spoke to the surgeon. He said everything was good that he had the operation at 1:00 and they are going to keep him over-night just to check on him. They said he was drowsy that I should not go bother him because he would try to get up and then I would be leaving, which i understand. I will be calling tomorrow at lunch to see if i can pick him up. I hope he becomes the same cat again! I am also sticking with this vet, very friendly people. Thanks for your support guys!
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