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Dental Health Help

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I want to get Miya's teeth checked, but when she went to the vet in the US, she wouldn't let the vet in her mouth. I am concerned about her teeth because her gums are kind of red (but she doesn't seem to be in any sort of pain) and she is missing one of her small bottom front teeth (it's been gone forever and I have no idea how she lost it!). Because of this, I don't brush her teeth or anything because I don't know how hard or soft they are. She eats kibble and she sometimes will eat chicken--bones and all.

I'd like to know how I can prepare Miya for her trip to the vet so he can clean and check her teeth. Will she need to be drugged up?

On average, how much does a vet visit cost for dental checks? Should I get her bottom front tooth replaced? She really doesn't seem to mind it being gone.
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Firstly, missing teeth doesn't matter. I know cats who have NO teeth and they do fine.

The vet will need to anesthetise her. You'll drop her off, they'll clean her teeth and call you when it's over.

How did she not let the vet look at them? If she's a nasty cat at the vet, they will definitley need to anesthetise her to look in there.

It costs between $100-$200 plus more money if they need to remove any teeth.
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Our office charges $85, minus extractions.
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Ah, I don't think Miya has a mean bone in her little body. She's just incredibly shy and nervous. When I went for her checkup last month, she sort of pulled away from the vet and wouldn't let him see her teeth.

Thanks for your help!
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Hmm the vet who was handeling her kind of sounds like a weenie then. What do her teeth look like when you look at them? If they aren't really brown or have a bunch of plaque she probably doesn't even need to have them done.
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The cost will depend on if you want her teeth "checked" or if you want her teeth a dentist/hygienist cleans yours.
How old is she?

Cats often have one of the lower central incisors missing, some are born missing the adult tooth there....just like some people are born missing an adult tooth bud. Its not a problem.

I never give my cat chicken bones I was taught that they could cause punctures of the digestive track....maybe some other cat owners could comment on this?
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I am taking Dori in to have her teeth cleaned in a week or 2. It is going to cost me approx. $140. She is just getting a cleaning but they will sedate her for that. She fought the vet a bit when he was trying to check her teeth but he seemed to be a pro at checking because he managed to get a peek inside.
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I believe that February is Pet Dental Health Month, so your vet might be offering discounts or incentives.
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Yep, ours has 1/2 off dentals (so roughly $45!) to take a drive to Wisconsin?
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Originally Posted by menagerie mama
Yep, ours has 1/2 off dentals (so roughly $45!) to take a drive to Wisconsin?
I would but none of the girls need dentals now
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If she won't let the vet near her mouth, it's quite possibly because it is painful. It may be wise to just schedule her for a dental and have them do everything while she is anesthetized.
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Just out of curiosity, do any of you brush your cats' teeth? Mine are still young enough that I could probably teach them to get used to a finger brush but is it worth it? I always thought that one of the reasons you fed a cat dry food was to help keep their teeth clean and healthy.
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I took Snickers in for a dental cleaning a few months ago.

He is approaching 15 yrs old; never had a cleaning before. His breath STANK like a sewer. I knew it was baaaad just from the smell!

(note: he has only been living with me for about a year & a half... )

Anyways they did a blood check, total "geriatric blood panel" on him - to make sure his heart & kidneys could handle being put under the anestethic again.

He passed the test and was put under; he went through the cleaning just fine and wow, what a difference. His breath has NO smell (even after a few months) and I'm sure it added years to his life!

The Vet said he was on the verge of having some bad bacteria problems & gum problems. But, he didn't need to have any extractions and she said even with him being on a canned diet, his teeth were in pretty good shape.

The total vet bill, the geriatric screening included, anestethic & cleaning: $230.00.

And, that is with my "multiple pet household" discount.

Kinda pricey but oh well. It's worth it.

Guess I should note: Snickers had trouble pulling out of the anestethic. He was wobbly, loopy, "drunk" but didn't realize how drunk he was. Kept trying to jump & do stuff. So I had to leave him in the travel carrier overnight which was horrible. He kept pushing his mouth & head into the bars! And wobbling & trying to push his way out!
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