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Showing advice is welcome and wanted

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this is the boy that I am going to show at a show in April okay well we don't have him yet but I am open to advice on showing. oh ya and I was thinking about entering the junior achievers does anyone no about that?
Any advice on showing is welcome and wanted

He is a flame mitted ragdoll.
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What association you planning on showing him in? Was he bought as a show quality or pet quality? What specifically do you need to know about showing? And how old is he? Kittens have to be a minimum of 4 months of age on the day of the show.
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I would guestimate about 4 weeks old, he looks the same size as my current litterm but not big enough to have his points yet.

Yes, you will need to pick a registry(s) out before showing, every one of them has a different atmosphere and competitive level. Will this little cutie be shown as a champion or alter (neutered or not)? Alter classes are a lot less stressful and everyone is pretty nice.

JR Achievers is TICA right? I want my son to do that someday too! Do you have a mentor yet? That would probably be your most valuable thing to get, if you don't, contact the regional JA advisor and ask for one.

Also think about what kind of curtains you want, or if you want to buy a safety cage instead. I would also go visit as many shows as you can in the mean time, that way you can get used to everything and meet a lot of the people you'll be around.
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this is an old picture of him he will be 5 months old when I show him in April he will be shown in the Altered class when he is old enough but for now he is going to be in the kitten class. We are showing him in TICA because in CFA you can only have bi-colors. He was not purchased as show quality but the breeder said that he would probably be a good show cat so she is going to register him with TICA so that we can show him. As for the junior achiever I am not so sure because I am not so good with getting up infront of people and talking I get very nervous and don't think the Junior Achiever Ring is for me. As for show advice any little tips that might help are wanted. I went to my first cat show yesterday and it was a blast. Well please help me with any tips about showing my kitten.
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I only show in CFA or ACFA. So I don't know the detailed stuff for TICA. However, I can give you basics for showing.

First get him used to being handled by a lot of people - like friends, etc. Practice stretching him out and holding in the air (one hand under the chest/front legs and the other just in front of the back legs. Practice making him stand on 2 back feet on the table. Practice having his head touched and face/muzzle "examined".

He should be comfortable with any position.

Now as far as grooming - I do hope you've groomed him many times so far - you need a comb (NOT a brush) and teach him to stand still while grooming head, body, tail, and tummy.

You will have to give him a bath before the show (probably 1 or 2 days before) - the ragdoll people will know better then me. All nails should be clipped and ears/eyes clean.

For show supplies you need towels or curtains to go on 3 sides of the cages (provided by the club) and a towel for the top, and one for the bottom. Bring an extra towel or two for any accidents. You need grooming supplies including combs, Q-tips, nail clippers, and a bit of cornstarch powder - takes the static out of the coat.

Good luck in showing him. The judges will let you know if he's worthy of further showing. If he's not top quality and will do well, you can always show him in the household pet section.
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