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Cat Names...

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We are getting a new kitty, and we need some cat names! We don't know if it's Male or Female yet, so we need some names for Males and Females. The kitty is light grey and Peach!
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For a female, Mable or Opal. I really like 'old lady' names. My cats are Lucy & Cosmo(his name doesn't quite fit in), my dog is Ethel, and canaries are Lenny & Pearl.

There just aren't enough Etta's anymore.

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Victanni.....sundance......ashley.....tutti frutti....claymore?
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Based on coloring, how about Amaretto, Marmalade, or Nutmeg?

A few other names I think are cool...Cheswick, Duncan, Buford, Lissie, Emily.

Congrats on the new kitty!
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Just pick a letter and start reading. kitten names
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I've never been good at naming my babies, I've always spent hours picking out the right name. Since I can't be of help finding the name maybe I can lead you in thr right direction. Here a good site for pet names.


Have fun!!
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BadHabit, that was a cool site. I found out Fred means "peaceful ruler". Very appropriate for my Papa cat.
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I have, generally, named mine for their personalities or idiosyncracies: Scamp and Feisty, for example. Shadow got his name, by playing with his own shadow. Itty Bit was a tiny thing, when I got her. After she grew into a 15-pound sumo wrestler, the name was just funny! Good luck, with the new kitty.
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I have never been able to name my pets until I lived with them for a while. I always feel like I name them better when I know their personalities. I also like names with lots of oppotunities for nicknames.

The best cat name I ever heard was a Siamese named Plum. He could be Plum crazy or Plum tuckered out or a sweet little sugar Plum. Very cute.

I like Opal and Nutmeg. Maybe Smoke or Ash / Ashley. Grimalkin, Mushroom (or a specific mushroom like Portobello), Misty.
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The best fitting cat name I've heard was this short haired orange tabby named peanut butter. It fit him so well. When you heard his name you just wanted to snuggle him.
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Inari--a Japanese goddess, I don't remember of what.
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Satinka--magic dancer

Calvin (or Hobbes)
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my cat,s name is angel do you like it for a name.
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Thanks for all the Suggestions. For a girl we came up with Scarlett. Don't know what it will be if the kitty is a boy. Angel is a Lovley name!
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Hi there I am new to this forum.. I really wouldn't name him/her till you get them in your house and spend a day with them and see their personality... Alot of cute names for cats that are grey and have peach in them is Pumpkin, Heathcliff, Elmo, Etc.
My one female cats name is Shelby she is grey and peach... Its really hard to say... But my advise would be to spend a day or so with the kitten and then decide... You never know they might name themselves lol! I know a couple of mine did!

Hello everyone, my name is Amy and I am the proud owner of 6 cats.
First there is Zoe, she is female. She is going to be 5 in June! She is a domestic shorthair... She is grey and white and a total daddy's girl...Her and my boyfriend are inseperable! I got her from my boyfriend Aunt's cat. She got a little sneaky and got outside and came back with a little more than she left with LOL! And that is how I ended up with Zoe! Then there is Abigail(Abby for short)!She is female! She turned 4 in February! . She is a domestic medium hair mixed calico... I received Abby through a friend who's cat had a litter... She is a great girl.. Very affectionate.. And loving! I think she might have been a dog in a former life because she likes to play fetch with her toy mice I buy from the local pet store... Then there's Shelby my third girl... She is Zoe's half sister! Same mom different dad... Different litter! She got out again! Shelby is going to be 4 at the end of this month.. She is a beautiful domestic shorthair. She is unique in color some people tell me she is tortise colored but I really am not sure... She definately is unique though.. She won't hesitate to speak her mind! She is a total momma's girl! She is my sidekick wherever I go! Then there's my boys! First there is Osgood! He will be 2 in July! He is a long hair black and white cat! Not sure what breed he is mixed with although he is rather large and has a maine coon look to him... He is my baby! I love him to death. His goal in life is to please! He will keep you entertained when you are bored and he will comfort you when ever you are sad.. He is my one of a kind treasure... I got him through a friend... Then there's my boy Ernie, he is going to be a year old in May! He is still a baby! So he is going through his baby stages of being the house terror! But he seems to be calming down and he loves to sit on my lap while I'm sitting at the computer. He is my computer buddy! He is a medium hair black and white cat as well... My uncle found him along with three other kittens in a box behind his work... They were left for dead... But we brought them home and took them to the vet and got them on the right path and they are a joy to my family! A family friend got one. My sister kept one. My cousin kept one, and of course I kept one, thats how I got Ernie.... Now my last boy I just found 2 days ago... He is about 5 weeks old... I am not sure.. I was hearing kitten noised for a few days ... And I looked under my house and sure enough there were two kittens just sitting there... I guess the momma had crawled through a crawl space in my back porch and had these babies... My sister took the other one and I got the one I am now calling Oliver! He is so affectionate... He is all black but with some dark grey tabby stripes going all through his body... And a little patch of white on his tummy! I've only had him for a few days and I love him already! He will be visiting my vet soon... So that we can know for sure how old exactly they are! And that is my animal family! Thanks for listening!
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Scarlett is a nice name. I was thinking of Peaches if it was a girl. As for boys names, I don't really have any... But, like the others said, maybe you should spend a few days with him/her and then pick out a name. When we first got our two kitties they were named Jingle and Belle, but we didn't like those names for year-round names (we got them around X-mas time). We named our kitties Socks and Boo after we had spent a few days with them and the names fit them perfectly. Let us know if you pick out a boy name.
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Male: Smokey,Dusty,Ashes,Cinder,Jasper,Casper,

Female: Blue,Misty,Sassy,Miracle,Majesty,Scarlett,
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Some of those would be fun to combine, like Mighty Fang or Gypsy Jewel.
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Yeah, they would eh?
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