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Seeking an orange baby

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Not sure if this is the right thread for this, but I suppose it will get moved if it needs to be. As kitten season approaches us, I will be searching (again) for a little orange female baby. I have looked for the past 2 years unsuccessfully and I'm going to try again this year. I know that female orange babies are rare, but with that said both my daughters keep telling me that we need to add orange to our little clan. They already have a name picked out - Tiger Lily.
The reason I'd prefer a female is because my other 4 are females and 1) I hesitate to have a little guy at this time because of a neighborhood Tom in the area that's already marking my door and I don't want to add the scent of a male to my home that would possibly encourage further marking outside and possibly inside. That and 2) as dumb as it may sound - my girls and I are going for "girl power" and as there are 7 of us females already, we just thought it fit to add another.
Anyways - as I said, I'm having trouble. I tapped into every single adoption agency and foster home in my area in the past and am wondering the best way to get a little one. All mine are rescue cats, so that's what I usually go with, but some of the purebreds out there are absolutely beautiful too! We love the longer haired exotics - but there are many other breeds that are just as beautiful. I guess my underlying question is - would I have better luck going with a purebred? and if so - where can I get info in my area? and what type of breed would be apt to have orange females?

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Oh I wish you coiuld come to our area! We WISH we didn't have so many orange kitties around here!!! (Not that we don't love orange kitties, but it's hard to find homes for orange kitty after orange kitty) When we trapped last year, 4 of our 8 were orange, and we rescued a litter of kittens, all orange except one tortie! Orange seems to be our lot in life around here. Good luck in your search, and IMO, please stay away from pet shops (I know you didn't mention it) and I would love it if you could adopt a moggie!
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I wish you ALOT of luck!!! A vet just told me the other day that almost ALL orange tabby's were males. JUst like calico's are females. So, it seems to me you've got your work cut out for you. What about petfinder.com? You might have to search around the country, but if you really want an orange girl it would be worth it. Keep us posted on how you do please. Good luck!!
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I too have a soft spot for orange kitties, I seen a cat called Doodles the other day in the adoption centre at the pet store and he looks just like Bumps but more orange than beige... I was in love... especially as we call Bumps Noodles and Noodles and Doodles would be too cute. But my BF said no more cats.

We always have loads of orange cats in the shelters here too (and I fall in love with everone of them)

A quick look on petfinder and I seen a few in Mass, not sure exactly where you are or how far you want to travel though. But doing that I fell in love with a cat called Sushi from Milford, Mass... http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/...?petid=4940474

I am surprised there are so few orange kitties there!
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Thanks guys!
I have looked on petfinder (almost every day....arrggghh) and will continue to do that.
And I will stay away from pet stores - always have. (Wish I could just walk in and open all those cages in there and save them all.....)
Love adopting rescues, but the problem is not a lack of orange babies, it's a lack of orange baby girls so I guess I was curious if in this case - purebred would be easier. Obviously I'd prefer a rescue - they need the help....
I was sooooo close last year - 2 orange females - sooooo rare - walked into the local shelter as they were both being adopted.
I'll keep trying the local rescues and foster care.
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I'll keep an eye out at the shelter here... just curious... is Montana too far?
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Hmmmmm. Not sure. How far is Montana from Mass???
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Perhaps you should visit your "favorite" local shelter, and let them know you are looking for an orange baby. I know many shelters will let you put down a deposit and will call you when they get the specific breed/ breed-mix of dog you're looking for, I'm sure they'd do the same for your request.
Also, sometimes the petfinder listings aren't completely up to date, especially with kittens that come and go pretty quickly in most shelters.
I'd reccomend calling and visiting in person to get an accurate gauge of the "orange baby" situation at your local shelter.

Good luck!
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I got Rocky at second chance animal shelter in Brookfield, Mass. They don't have kittens right now, but you can apply for one right online. Diane is the contact person there. I have seen orange females there before. They are hooked to petfinder. The website is secondchanceanimals.org
They have tons of kittens come kitten season.

BTW orange females are not as common as male oranges, but they do happen, especially if the genes for orange are strong.
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I'll do it now!
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Where in Mass are you? I'm in Minnesota now, but grew up in Attleboro, Mass. My brother and parents are still there. I could ask them to check around for you.
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I think 70% of orange cats are male, so your odds are fairly good that you will get an orange girl. I had a lovely orange foster girl named Jill last year. I would call the rescues, but visit the shelters and humane societies in person. As already mentioned, sometimes kittens don't make it to Petfinder, because they are adopted so quickly.
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Originally Posted by lisasha3
Hmmmmm. Not sure. How far is Montana from Mass???
*laugh* We are most of the way across the country.... I'm in Missoula. You could plug it into mapquest and see how far apart we are.

I was just wondering cause if I did find a kitten (chances are probably slight) we'd have to get it over to you.
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Originally Posted by Lndscpsam
Where in Mass are you? I'm in Minnesota now, but grew up in Attleboro, Mass. My brother and parents are still there. I could ask them to check around for you.
Actually I'm in Western Mass. Massachussetts is so small though any town in Mass is close enough .

Thanks for all your help everyone. I've kinda been doing all that now - looking on petfinder, adoption applications and phone calls into most adoption organizations and foster care and weekly visits to the shelters. It sounds like I'm on the right path and I should just continue doing what I"m doing. I'll start getting my phone calls in now for this year (I've found that most agencies I have to call again just to say - Hey - kitten seasons here. Keep your eyes open for me please.)
The only thing that would change my mind about this is if I could find an exotic breeder with a orange babies close to me. I just love the exotic faces!! They are so precious!! Anyways, I've kinda been looking at that as well.
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Are you willing or able to take in a kitty with special needs?

There's a 4-month-old female orange tabby with cerebellar hyperplasia (CH) near Chicago who badly needs a forever home. Here's a link to her information and some pictures on the CH Kitty Club website:


Cats with CH are healthy, and can lead full lives, but have a disability that causes them to have motor skill problems. They're wobbly, walk with a funny gait, and have heads that bobble a bit. CH in cats is similar to cerebral palsey in humans...it's not a degenerative disease.

CH kitties do take a little extra work...some additional clean-up perhaps and a few concessions to their disability. They should also never be declawed because they need their claws for balance. There are pay-offs, though. They tend to be especially sweet and affectionate. And they don't jump up on your counters! (Well...they might if the opportunity presents itself, but it's not easy.) There's also a Web group of people who have these special kitties...the CH Kitty Club...who are all wonderful folks and would be more than happy to give you any advice or guidance you might need.

I have a CH baby, Forest, who I fell in love with about two years ago. I can't imagine not having him now. He's been worth every effort, and he always reminds me that some of the best things in life aren't "perfect".

Massachusetts and Illinois are a bit of a distance apart, but if you're interested and able to adopt her, I'm sure we could arrange a transportation chain to get her to you. The CH Kitty Club has been able to do that with some other cats who found their homes out of state. (I'll even volunteer to drive the first leg of the trip!)
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Don't forget Upstate New York (you, know the rest of the state, with all those trees! People do seem to forget about it). I lived there nearly two years and that's where I adopted JoJo, my orange girl. In Syracuse, actually. The Humane Society there is where I got her. I also adopted my black and silver boy from a local rescue. They are not on Petfinder, to my knowledge, and may have an orange girl. I can send them a letter (yeah, old fashioned letter... don't have an email for them). I need to send them recent pics of Jack. They do TNR as well as fostering for a rescue. Jack was a recent addition to the house. Maybe they have a girl for you.

Here's one rescue in the Syracuse area: www.kittycorner.org

I recommend to anyone to get one of their tshirts. I picked up a business card of theirs and keep it on my fridge, even though I no longer live there. their logo is a recycle triangle with a cat in the middle and the phrase: "100% Recycled Cats" Which I think is so darn cute. I'll get a shirt myself as soon as I have the money.

But call them and others, if they don't have one, they can at least help lead you in the right direction. And they're only about a half a day's drive from West Mass (I think). Don't rely on petfinder for a kitten... as Kitty Corner says on their site, kittens change so fast, plus they get adopted before adults tend to (just like adopting humans... babies are more desirable than older kids), so call around. A little legwork will pay off.

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Originally Posted by RubSluts'Mommy
their logo is a recycle triangle with a cat in the middle and the phrase: "100% Recycled Cats" Which I think is so darn cute. I'll get a shirt myself as soon as I have the money.
That's just adorable!! As the owner of three recycled cats, I've got to order one!
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Originally Posted by Tari
That's just adorable!! As the owner of three recycled cats, I've got to order one!

and the proceeds go to help the cats they have. definitely well worth the money.

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Tari - little Ducky is beautiful, but you're right - Illinois is a bit of a haul. I'm going to try to stay within a reasonable driving distance if I can. If my luck doesn't pan out though and I need to look further, I'll keep this little doll in mind. She is a cutie!
RubSlutsMommy - Thanks for the syracuse info. You're right, that's not that far from me. (a few hours - not days). I'll look into it!
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I found a few beauties... I don't know if any of them are in your area.

Here's a 5m old female in RI.... http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/...?petid=5687921

Here's a pretty orange & white girl in Salem, MA..... http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/...?petid=5582833

Another orange & white girl in MA.... http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/...?petid=5071405

This girl is in Nantucket, MA.... http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/...?petid=5610292

This girl is a bit further, she's in CT.... http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/...?petid=5522307

These are listed as female? in NY.... http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/...?petid=4974800

Here are 2 adorable baby girls in Norwalk, CT.... http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/...?petid=5307202, http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/...?petid=5307213
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We have a two months old female dark buff colored kitten in our HS. She isn't the dark, dark orange color, but she is kind of dark to bo considered buff colored(IMO). She does bite, though. And she's in Minnesota, so that would be another long haul.

Good Luck in the search!
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Oh my! There is no possible way I could get another kitty right now, especially not from so far away, but there are some kittens on those linked pages I would die for!
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I've got e-mails in to all the links you guys sent me. I'm especially impressed with creamsicle. She's beautiful! A bit of a haul though (2 hours). My only concern with her is that she is shy around people. I've already got one of those and it took a tremendous amount of time and patience to get her semi comfortable with us walking around and she's still not 100% ok with it. She scatters very easy and it's upsetting to me. I wish she would just trust us. Anyways - my concern is bringing another skittish one into the house. If I'm going to own cats - I'd like to see them you know??
Anyways- I stressed my concern in my e-mail and asked for their opinion how severe it was.
I'll just wait to hear back now. Thinking I should also make another trip to the MSPCA in our area. They just published an article on the front page of our paper today on how they were "drowning" in cats and kittens!! So sad. They are a kill shelter and they said that only 29% of cats and kittens that were turned in were adopted last year and of that 29% - 15% were owners that had either lost them or changed their minds. 56% had to be euthanized!!
One jerk they were talking about surrendered his cat cause the cat didnt' get along with the new dog.....
IDIOTS!! Who was there first!!!! And if you didn't really want the cat - they why did you get it!!!!
Anyways - not to get anybody riled up here (mainly me) - I"m going to try to hit the shelter today if I can sneak out of work in time to see what they've got.
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Ok - I've gotten responses from 3 of the places already - the website wasn't updated and those kittens are gone....
One of them did say though that they've got an orange mommy expecting any day now - so I put in my application there. No way of knowing obviously what she's going to have.

As for the shelter - I've come to the conclusion that I can't go there anymore. Looking at these babies online is alot easier and I don't get as attached. I had 2 in my hands when I was in there. One unfortunately didn't get along with other cats, but she was beautiful! 1 years old, bright blue eyes and a siamese mix with medium length hair - gorgeous! The other one I started filling out the application for (thats how bad I am) and would have walked out the door with her had they not turned off the lights and told me to come back tomorrow. That I was a little ticked off about - if they have such an overabundance, then stay open a few extra minutes if it means another adoption you dummys!
This little girl was beautiful!!!! (Not orange either...). She was a long hair gray baby with white on her face. She was sooooooo sweet and beautiful.
But I left - and I called my kids and asked what they thought and they both said no - orange....
Guess I can't go back......I'll wind up with a house full.
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found another at petfinder:
this is a link broke down to all orange females: http://www.petfinder.com/pet.cgi?act...ex=F&preview=1
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Well this is terrific that you've got some leads!! I do hope you find your orange kitty soon. Good luck
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I can't stop thinking about that beautiful sweet little girl I saw at the shelter yesterday! Please stop me from going back....arrggghhhhh.
I've got 4 cats already and my kids definitely want an orange one - so I can't take this little girl in too. That would be 6 cats! My home is only 1500 sq ft. Not very big.
What do I do??
I'm torn! My family already thinks I'm nuts. (This is why I can't visit the shelter!!)
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If I were in a 1500 sq foot house, I'd have 6 cats... but that's just me. I don't have other humans to live with. As long as they have adequate food, litterboxes, toys and love, and that they all get along.

I live in a 700 sq ft apartment... I have two. I've been wanting another, even in this place, but since I'll very likely be moving again, I think I'll wait.

Talk about it with the kids... ask them what they think. I know it's hard to walk away from a sweet feline... but think on it... talk to the kids.

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Just a random tidbit of information...the reason why orange males are more common than females is that orange is a trait located on the X chromosome. Males only have one X, so if orange is on that X, they're orange, no matter what other colors they might carry. But a female has to have orange on both of her X's, otherwise she'll turn out calico or totie if its just on one. Hope that was interesting to someone! Good luck with your search!
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Hmm.. Genetics. What about female kitties that are just a little orange. Suzie is mostly gray tabby, w/ black legs and paw pads (except one little white mitt on one foot). BUT her nose is orange and she has some orange on her shoulders. Her brother is completely orange tabby. Does she still have the genetic coloring makeup of a tortie or a calico, or are torbies (I think she is one) different?
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