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summer fires..

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Its that time of year again in Australia where the heat & wind result in bush fires.

In the last 24 hours, 4 large fires have started within my state alone and have destroyed many homes and burnt through hundreds of thousands of hectares and threatening much more. The past few days have brought with it extreme heat with hot northerly winds with temperatures exceeding 42+C (107+F) with no rain in sight.

Today the temperatures have dropped thankfully, but its a quick reprieve as the middle of the week apparently brings with it hotter heat and stronger winds, which is not a good combination and with still no rain in sight. Many homes have no water as they have used all their tank water to put out fires and many have no electricity.

Jan & Feb is an awful time in this country. No year seems to go by without total destruction in one or various parts of the country.

I live in a high fire area and a few years back fire ripped through the area destroying many homes and resulting in the loss of many lives.

I dont ask for this often, and I know there are so many other things happening at the moment but if you can all keep us in your thoughts during this time in the hope that the fires raging at the moment are under control before the heat picks up again and more is lost. And also that we, in the area I live in can get through this year fire free.

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Of course you can have {{{{vibes}}}}. What a scary thing to have to deal with...
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Oh no! Absolutely ! Are there any near you right now?
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Originally Posted by captiva
Oh no! Absolutely ! Are there any near you right now?
no thankfully none of the large fires are near us. I hope it remains this way.

we had a few spot fires in the our area yesterday afternoon but thankfully they were taken care of real quick and didnt do much damage. Everyone here is on pretty high alert.
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Oh Dan...I completely understand what you are experiencing.
In late 2003, a firestorm in my area destroyed 2400 homes.
Many people died in the conflagration.

At night, I could see the flames from my windows. We had to wear masks when we went outside because the smoke was so thick it was dangerous to take a deep breath.

I really feel for you and will keep you, your wonderful family & furkids in my prayers until the season passes.
Please be careful....
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Be Careful and watchful! Sending you many good vibes!!!
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We have been lucky this year and haven't been affected too much.

I hope they are able to bring them under control soon - Thats the one thing I really dislike about this country..
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Oh Dan, of course I'll keep you in my thoughts! And send you mega *stay away fire* vibes.
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More "be safe" vibes going your way!
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Oh! Be safe! <<<<<<<<<<fire begone vibes>>>>>>>>>
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Many vibes, Dan. I'd love to share our rain with you, but since I can't do that, I'll just keep you and yours, and all the people in the path of fires and fighting them, in my prayers.
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Oh No, Danielle! What a terrible time of year for you!

Sedning lots of }}}VIBES{{{ your way and to all those around you! I hope that the fires are kept under control and the weather cools down enough to prevent any further damage!

Take care!
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How horrible! Many, many prayers and vibes that the fires die out, and especially that you and your family remain safe!
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I bet you can't wait for the summer to be over

I hope they stay well away from you all Dan
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Sending lots of vibes dan
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thankyou everyone

the blackened remains of a state park

courtesty of "the age" - article found here http://www.theage.com.au/news/nation...864862491.html

and a quote from the article
Neighbour Sandi Murdoch, who runs a wildlife rescue service, decided to stay and defend her house along with 30 injured and orphaned native animals. "The fire came and roared over us," she said. "It was gone in about two minutes. I was too busy to be scared. Maybe if I'd had time to think, I'd not have been so brave."
She is proud to have saved her house and lost none of her animal charges, though some of their enclosures were burnt.
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OMG lots of prayers and vibes to you!
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That is heartbreaking Why does nature have to be so cruel?
But how amazing that all those animals were saved!
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I have been seeing all this on the news. It is just horrifying and heartbreaking. Some fires have been going on here but not quite as bad as you guys over the water.

I am thinking of youse all
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Sending positive vibes across the Big Water! Fire has to be the scariest thing I can think of.
That sounds like California in the summertime-it doesn't rain a drop for months. Everything turns gold/brown, fires pop up all over the place & leave the hills black till the rains come & turn them green again.
This is Florida's dry season now, all of the big storms hit in the summer/early fall.
Stay safe!
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we have had a few cooler days but unfortunatly 2 of the 4 fires are still burning out of control.

its just gone 10.30am here on Thursday morning and its already 32C (90F) and we have just been advised that another fire has started which is worse than the ones burning from earlier in the week. This one is about an hour from us. No doubt we will start seeing the ash from it.

Temperatures are predicted to hit 42C (107F) today, tomorrow & sunday.

This is the worst year for fires as we have been in drought for a few years (even in the city) and our water storage levels are at an all time low.
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I know that sweet Jasmine is suffering from the heat.
I hope that the air quality does not get to bad.
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1 fire has been contained although the wind change expected this afternoon is worriesome. Its in a town called Anakie which is down near the town of Geelong (I went to college here)http://www.geelongaustralia.com.au/V.../Towns/Anakie/

The other fire which has been going for 5 days is in the Grampians. This is a national park and is a gorgeous place. It is a mountain range. http://www.visithallsgap.com.au/quicksite/ . The fire area is 300km wide (thats about 190miles) Most of the area has been evacuated.

The other fire that began this morning is in The Kinglake national park area. http://www.visitkinglakeranges-yea.c...lake_index.htm

It is this last one that makes this all seem very real to us. Kinglake is about 60km from us (35 miles) so this fire does not worry us. However, we we live in a mountain range area called "the dandenongs".
On one side of the dandenongs on the edge of the hills is the suburb Lilydale... we are on the other side on the edge. Embers are being spotted in Lilydale from the Kinglake fire.
From Lilydale we are about 25 km's but this is through the mountain ranges.
Again I am not worried about this fire as it would have to get through a lot to get to us... but it makes everything very real. It is showing us how quick these fires start and spread.

Chris & I have put our fire plan into effect just in case... The smoke is in the air already and the fire is 60km's away. The northerly winds are strong and hot. There is a real danger in the next few days.

sorry to keep going on about this, but its really playing on my mind today... please keep us in your thoughts if you can

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You're definitly in my thoughts Dan, Chris and Jasmine. Also to the rest of our aussie friends and family.

We've been having horrible fires here too, it is so dry.
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Oh Dan, you're definitely in my thoughts.
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Thank you for that description, Dan. It puts a bit of a 'face' on it. It's so hard at this distance to have any real sense of the impact on our DownUnder friends, except to know that fire is always very scary, and they are a serious problem for you every year. Thinking of you all, and hoping and praying that these fires can be controlled without too much damage, and without endangering you and yours.
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Oh that's awful! Please be careful and stay safe everyone over there! I will be praying for you all!
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Good grief Danielle when you told me about the national parks i didn't realise how big!. Thats awful

Keep staying safe all of you and make sure you check in with updates
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Praying for every animals and persons saftey.
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