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Originally Posted by Ryn
Tilli has one black "whisker" (not in the whiskers per se, but in the "sideburns", don't know what to call them in English).
"sideburns"! That's cute! I don't know what those are called in English either!

I guess my cats are just boring with their plain old white whiskers then.
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nope! Mouse was a blue kitty w/black whiskers, & Cable's are black at the base, then turn white - so hers are two-toned!
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Heck no!

Snickers has CURLY black whiskers!

KC has black whiskers, and ONE WHITE ONE!

Hammie's got white...

Jessie has white...

Zorro has black, and a *few* white...

Dusty, she has solid gray, just like her dusty gray fur.

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Patches has some brown whiskers and Alley has some light orange
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Originally Posted by babyharley
Harley's are brown at the base and then turn white
So are Abby's
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Thisbe, my black-and-white cat, has white whiskers. Cushie and Marnie, my black cats, have black whiskers, although Cushie's are a lighter black.
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Forest and Harvey's are all white, but about half of Tailer's are black and half are white. We've always thought that was odd.
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TOTALLY whites here! ...

Guess what my friends,........in my wallet, next to the Pic of Gema I has a pic of Milky and a White whisker too! ............

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Sweetie is black and her wiskers are white at the base and black at the tips. I about drove her nuts trying to get a good look at them while reading the thread.
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Miss Kitty has all white whiskers. Zoe has some solid white and some white with black bases. I think brown tabbies with no white have whiskers like that...kind of reminds me of their ticked fur.
My dad has a black cat who has black whiskers, and a friend of mine has a gray cat with gray whiskers. Another of my dad's cats is a gray tuxie, and he has white whiskers. All of his calicos have white whiskers, and the one tortie we had when I was little had mixed whiskers.
And you know, I've never seen a red cat with red whiskers. Maybe they only come in white, gray and black?
I'd be interested to know the genetics behind whisker color.
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Devin the black cat has dark black to grey whiskers whiskers, one of his eyebrows is a light grey. He also has one or two white ear whiskers.
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Gibby's are all white, Paige's are all black (I think) And I think Molly has one grey whisker with the rest white.
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