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West Wing... CANCELLED.

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NBC canned the West Wing.... source

PASADENA, Calif. - The new president on "The West Wing" will be a real short-timer: NBC announced Sunday it was pulling the plug on the Emmy-winning political drama in May after seven seasons.
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That was such a good show!!!
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It started out strong but something happened to it imo and I lost interest and quit watching quite awhile ago.
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Same here. Lost interest and quit watching it a long time ago. Have enough real-life political b.s. to keep up with already.
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Never did like that show...
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Well they would have to replace the entire cast on the show so I wouldn't be surprised
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I came to West Wing late, but it has been one of my favorites. The acting and the writing, not to mention direction, etc. is top notch. It has been OTT a bit lately, but what isn't to gain ratings. Example: Boston Legal.

Compared to most of the trash that's on ("reality" shows of all kinds), I was surprised. A new cast can many times refresh a show - and that's what I was hoping for. Too bad. Perhaps a cable network will pick it up.

But not all is lost. I can't believe the WB let 7th Heaven stay on as long as it did. Glad they canned that one. That show "jumped the shark" long ago, and had the very worst writing and such a tiring cast it was painful to even watch a 5 second promo for it.
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I haven't seen West Wing for years. At first, it was entertaining. Then it began to seem like it was shoving liberal political views down my throat. I hate to have shows preach politics to me. So I totally quit watching. I won't even watch the last show...won't be important enough to me to remember when it is on!
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I could never watch that show.. I don't know why.. I watched half an episode and never watched another again.
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thats sad, because many will miss it, but I never watched it, I have no interest in politics.
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Zack is really sad now
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It never had enough "pizazz" when they first advertised it to get my attention enough to ever watch it. I`ve never seen one of the shows.
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This show is just as entertaining as it was when it started originally. I will admit that there was a bit of loss of quality about two years ago but the show has picked up and is just as good as it ever was. Those of you who say the show have lost it simply haven't stuck with it.

With John Spencer's death they would have had some difficult hurdles to pass. After all they had shown him alive on the first show of this season some two years in the future. I don't know how they could have explained that.

I started watching about 3 years ago when they started rerunning the first shows on Bravo. Talon and I have watched everything from episode one. I for one am real sorry to hear it's been cancelled.
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I used to watch it all the time but it seems like the quality has slipped the last couple of seasons. Moving it to Sunday night didn't help either.

I was bummed when Rob Lowe left the cast. The guy who replaced him seemed kind of boring.

I'll probably watch the season finale though. Jimmy Smits for president!
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