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She's Miffed

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Anyone elses cats dislike when they move furniture around?? Meish just doesn't know what to do sometimes. She's always right beside me and slowly checking things out as if she has never been in the room before. She really puzzles me sometimes.
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Lots of them hate any change in their environment. It's quite normal. But they usually get used to it quite quickly, especially if hte place smells the same.
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It's a survival instinct. Cats want to keep up on the smallest changes in their environment.
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Watch out for litterpan accidents now. They can follow after you rearrange the furniture.
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My cats are actually the opposite.....They love when we move stuff around...ecspecially Doofus.....It means he has something nw to explore....

But to tell ya the truth....My cats seem quite the opposite from any cat....do I know how to pick 'em or what......

However in your case I would watch for "accidents".....A friend of mine had a similar problem when she got rid of her old couches......
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She adjusted fine. She was out like a light in the chair within minutes. she likes this better cause now she can walk right onto the window sill from the computer desk.
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Well it was just lucky for you that you put the furniture in places where it suited her!

Silly kitty!
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every day or 2 a cat will slowly and collectively "make the rounds" of their home to make sure everything is exactly where it was before. This is why they almost always notice something new in the house, no matter where it is, becasue it differs from their mental inventory of what everything was before. Moving furniture means that everything must be explored again, as it is a complete change in their environment.
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