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A "Tupperware Lady" in a former life (grin)?

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My cat, Velcro, does a lot of weird stuff I let her get away with. For example, I have a box where I store all the small plastic bags I get from grocery shopping trips ... using them later for small trash can liners. Occasionally, Velcro gets into the box and takes a few of the bags out to "fight with," hehe. But, she has found another use for them.

Occasionally, I'll give her wet/meaty type cat food to eat. But most of the time, she gets dry cat food in her food dish. Every time I clean out her dish and put in a new filling of dry cat food, I'll come back later to find the dish "covered" with one of those tiny plastic bags . I assume this is something she does to keep her food fresh. And, I see no reason to stop her from doing this.

Anyhoo, I wondered if others have cats that do the same thing. If not, hehe, I can only assume my cat was a "Tupperware Lady" in a former life ... using the next best thing to "lock in freshness" in her own food dish.
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That's funny But then maybe she's trying to tell you she doesn't like the cat food, she's trying to put it back in a bag so you can take it back
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My cats don't do that, but the dog does. Her bowl of food is in the laundry room, and she covers it with dirty laundry when she is done eating. I think she does it to hide her food from the cats, since they like to eat her kibble sometimes. And of course, they can burrow under the laundry! LOL! Maybe she was a laundress in the past?!?
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Actually, I tried a number of foods when she was younger. And one brand stood out from the others. She digs into it right away every time the dish is cleaned and refilled. It's "Alley Cat" brand dry cat food. In the wet food area, she devours little tins of "Sheba" when I get them. But, she only covers up the dry cat food (after eating). Then, when she eats again, she claws the bag away from the dish, eats, and re-covers the dish (grin).
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