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Orange Kitty

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Hi all!!!

Here is a small video of my orange cat, cleverly named Orange Kitty:


He is very, very mellow. He does not really do anything except eat and sleep. I try to get him to play, and he does for may be 5 minutes, and then topples over and rolls on his back. He also gets destructive if he does not get his way, especially with food. . He will do whatever it takes to get food, and his way. He is quite a baby! But, I love him with all my heart, no matter how many things he knocks off the counter and breaks...LOL!

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awwww... OK (edit: last I checked, Kitty wasspelled with a 'k' not a 'c' ... where is my brain today? Don't answer that) looks like a sweetheart. How old is he? Really enjoying the chin scritches.

Very mellow boy.

I put up a video of my orange girl, JoJo, I hope to get one of Jack up soon...

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He is about 6 years old. He is sweet, and loveable...on his terms though! lol!
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Originally Posted by CeruleanTyphoon
He is about 6 years old. He is sweet, and loveable...on his terms though! lol!
Sounds like JoJo. She doesn't always like the pettins, but when she does, she lets me know it. She also lets me know when she doesn't want pettins... with those claws.

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Looked like that chin scritch was just what the doctor ordered!!
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Cute video! Big purr!
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Orange Kitty is so sweet. He sure does love a good chin scratch.
He is adorable.
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Cute! Love the purring....
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oh he is positively gorgeous! what a sweet mellow boy, orange kitties are the best!
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OMG! what a complete sweety That purring and everything. In the close ups he looks like a lion
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I don't have any pictures, but my mom's 15 yr old cat is named Orangie and obviously he is orange. That is the first time I have heard anyone else use it. Your kitty is very cute, btw
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I love Orange Kitty!!!
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