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Is litter locker worth the money?

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We're being forced to go back to a all-clay litter house once again, due to the request of the kitties. This means we can't flush our waste anymore. Mom HATES the smell of litter, especially cat feces. She's been using grocery bags and putting them in an old Maxx cat litter bucket to keep the smell down. I've seen the litter lockers around, and it's definately something that I would get for myself if Chester decided to refuse to use WBCL when we move out.
Do you think that it would really contain the smell better than the methods she has now? I don't mind talking dad into them, but I need to know if it's worth the effort, since mom's going to start out being opposed to spending money on the refills and then the convincing will go from there.
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I'm a big fan of my litter locker. Its so easy to use and the locker really keeps down the smell! I would really reccomend one to anyone
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I was considering a litter locker too. Before I would throw the bags into the garbage can outside, but hubby would complain of the smell everytime he threw the garbarge out. My thoughts were: It's a GARBARGE CAN! It's not going to smell like roses! LOL Well, anyway....I considered the litter locker, but didn't want to have to pay extra $$ for the cartridges. So I'm using the method your using... An old litter bucket lined with a plastic trash bag. I keep it outside next to the garbage can...there's no smell inside. When the bag is full I just throw the whole thing into the big can on trash night. It works out fine for me and I don't have to hear the complaining anymore.
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I considered it too and my only worry is what happens if they stop making the refills. then I have to throw the whole thing away.
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I've had one for several years now, and I love it. It really does contain the smell, even in hot weather, and you don't have to make daily trips to the outside trash can. The refill cartridges can sometimes be difficult to "start", as you have to be careful to pull out the film in the right place.
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I love my Litter Locker! My mother even says that you can't smell cat in my apartment. It's getting easier to find cartridges - I used to have to go to Petco and hope they were in stock. Now the local Stop & Shop sells them (for less!) and they're almost always in stock.
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I love my litter locker. Our litter boxes are on the 2nd floor, and it would be a major pain in the butt to carry the litter all the way down to the kitchen and out the back door to the garbage can.
The refills can sometimes be a little stubborn--we've returned a few of them that didn't start right, Petsmart always lets us exchange them.
I say its worth it!
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I use an empty Fresh Step tub lined with three grocery bags or short thick garbage bags. Works like a charm, and comes with litter! Keeps the litter-bucket pile from getting to high, too.
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I like it, but the refills are so expensive and I need to buy them so often. I've tried just cutting away the used part and re-knoting the bottom part, but I don't know that I'm doing it right as I always manage to lock it up. Lately I've just been using a lined tidy cats plastic box.
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